12 Days of Lando Christmas 2017 Edition

12 Days of Lando Christmas 2017 Edition


REMINDER : check the schedules for Christmas week schedule. We are closed Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, December 26th, and re-open for Noon on Wednesday after Christmas. Thank you in advance for understanding and giving us this time with our family and to actually rest.


Oh baby it’s that time of year again! As Friday is the last full day of classes until our brief Christmas break that means it’s “12 Days of Lando Christmas” time! Year in and year out people somehow convince themselves this is something to be excited about, and every year the gym floor is littered with bodies on the hour for 3 hours in the AM, noon, and 2-3 hours in the PM.

This might be THE shining example of why CrossFit and specifically being part of a CrossFit affiliate is so damn cool. I’m sure 80% of the people who come tomorrow will spend their ride to the gym saying/yelling/crying, either to themselves or out loud to a passenger or nobody in particular, how much they hate CrossFit, Lando, working out in general, themselves for deciding to go to class, fitness, Paleo, the town of Woburn or Charlestown, Stacey and her warmups, hard boiled eggs, gluten free anything, not eating pizza, and a myriad other things related to the world of CrossFit we all willingly partake in.

However, once the blood gets flowing and the music is bumping, you have gotten past wanting to rip Stacey’s vocal chords out and started secretly wanting her to yell at you to push you a bit more, every single person in both gyms at any given time will admit, either quietly and to themselves or screaming as loud as possible, that they love every minute of what they are doing and are about to keep doing.

It’s long past cliche to joke about how we all have a sickness to actually want to go through the daily routine we all do. Really the class itself is only half the battle on most days. The morning crews it’s fighting off the 5,682 urges to just lay back down while you take out your phone and shoot me an email to cancel your membership and also wish me not complete but near death for existing, only to then battle through aches and pains and previous day soreness just enough to do work that will make it all over again the next day.

Nooners constantly relive scenes from Office Space just to get out of the office long enough to get their fitness in, all the while fighting off giving the Razor’s Edge to the 15 coworkers who make fun of you for not just going to Planet Fatness next door so you can join them for burgers after since the only reason you lost the 20# you all made the pact to do last year is because you don’t eat lunch because you drive to and from the gym. It has nothing to do with the workout you are doing being superior or that you have completely changed your lifestyle and losing weight is only the tip of the iceberg.

Night crews, well even making it by then is a victory in itself since you either have to fight off family you live with who still don’t get why you workout so much (despite your 46 year old six pack), or like the people who hit classes before you spent the day fighting off/ignoring the constant reminders from friends and coworkers how their new fitness routine they found for $5 a month at the Y, the hybrid of Soul-Cylce and the Hunger Games, has got them more shredded than ever before in their lives and can’t wait until they add the BoxFit class in the church basement which is free Monday, Wednesday, Friday and will be what they need to be more jacked than you for 1% the cost. When you get to the gym is when you finally realize you didn’t eat since 24 hours before too, but F it, you’re here.

A satire for sure, but I know the struggle is real. Still, every day we all come. Coaches come open the doors and teach classes before or after their “real” jobs, though you would never know by their effort and care they give you each class. You, the community, despite all the forces in life that for some reason want you to not try to be the best, most fit, setup for longest living being that you can be, keep battling to make sure you get the chance to make that effort to better yourself.

Really what I want to say in all of this rambling is that I know I can speak for Stacey and the entire staff, but will speak for myself because it matters so much to me, that I appreciate everything about you all that brings you to be part of the community that is CrossFit Lando Woburn and CrossFit Lando Charlestown. The commitment you all make to this business, my business, is real and affects you all to different degrees. The biggest thing I always come back to as the thing I wish I could change is the ability to show specifically how much your struggle to stay committed to this place and your ability to keep doing so truly means to me.

Happy Holidays to all and your loved ones. Get in here and get at this workout, and enjoy the time however you choose.



1 Muscle Up (scale is 1 Burpee-Pull-up)
2 Squat Snatch 115/75
3 Box Jump (full stand) 24/20
4 Front Squat 115/75
5 KB Swing 53/35
6 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 53/35
7 Hand Release Push-ups
8 Hang Power Clean 115/75
9 Wall Ball 20/14
10 Burpees
11 Toes to Bar
12 Handstand Push-ups


When scaling remember that things like HSPU and TTB are done only 1 and 2 times respectively*

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