Competing in Weightlifting : A Coach Bud Joint, and Other Miscellania (Word?)

Here’s more words from Coach Bud Henry. (Shout out Coach Bud for big help with the Bike deliveries. I couldn’t have spent hours putting them together without him getting them off loaded. Shout out me as well obviously). Back to Bud. You all know him as an up and coming coach that coaches many of

By Coach Bud: Weightlifting and Competing

Hey folks, Coach Bud back here with more (somewhat) organized thoughts regarding training. This week we’re going to dive in to weightlifting competition, specifically how it fits into the life of the casual crossfitter. Let’s start with a quick review of what weightlifting competition actually entails. At a weightlifting meet, you’ll arrive two hours before

Rest Better

Resting The Right Way: How to use the inevitable rest period mid WOD to the fullest One of the best pieces of wisdom I read long ago pertaining to resting and CrossFit training is to change how we use it and ultimately perceive it’s existence. If rest is just a necessity due to our limits

Coach Bud Talks: How To Snatch More Weight

How To Snatch More Weight – Part 1, by Coach Bud Henry Hey everyone. This is part one of a three part series on the snatch. In this post, we’ll be reviewing the technique for the snatch, specifically from the setup position with the bar on the floor, until the start of the extension of

From Coach Bud: On Training vs. Testing and More

Hey folks, Coach Bud here. Our fearless leader gave me this weekly platform to address things that I feel are interesting or noteworthy about the sports of weightlifting and powerlifting, which I’ve been writing training programs for and coaching for the last 3+ years. Just to clear up a couple terminology issues, “weightlifting” (also called

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