Jack Talks the Arnold

From Jack
On March 1st -4th in Columbus, Ohio, more than 75 sports and 20,000 athletes from 80 nations will be competing at the Arnold Classic and I am lucky enough to call myself one of those athletes. I had earned my spot through Nationals, placing 5th overall in the Lightweight Strongman division, and even that was surreal. I am beyond excited to showcase all the training I’ve put into this show. Literal blood, sweat, tears, hell… even broken toes. I’ve never been more confident about something than I am about this. I lose sleep at night knowing that if at Nationals I had made one, just one successful lift on the log (I was close okay), I would have been the National Lightweight Champion. So here is my redemption.

Here are the events:

Day One:

Event one- Bartos Circus Dumbbell
– Lightweight Mens (LWM): 140 lbs

Event two- Fat Back Farmers Carry
– LWM: 240 lbs per hand


Day Two:

Event Three- Hi-Temp Hussafel Stone (H Stone) Carry
– LWM: 300 lbs

Event four- Bartos Stone of Steel over beam
– LWM: 280 lbs


Day Three (Must qualify for day three):

Event five- Mystery event

Event six- Stone of steel load series
– LWM: 240, 240, 260, 280, 300


What it all means:

Circus Dumbbell is 60 seconds worth of as many clean and presses that you can get with an enormous Dumbbell, which is as thick as an axel, and the spheres at both ends have a circumference of 12”. To say it is awkward is an understatement. You are allowed to clean the dumbbell to one shoulder with TWO hands, but can only press with one hand.

Fatback Farmers carry is a 60’ course, with 4 deadlifts every 30’ (set of 4 at 30’, another set of 4 at 60’). Pretty basic event but extremely fatiguing on the grip and upper back. I now understand why they call it “fatback.”

The H-stone is a repeat event from nationals, only instead of as long as you can carry the H-stone, it is 120’ for time. The H-stone is a superman-like shape rubber implement that is carried in front of the body. It is 6 inches wide so its incredibly front loaded.

Stone of steel over the beam is yet another repeat event from nationals, only 10 lbs heavier. Piece-a-cake. 60 seconds to load the stone over a 50 inch beam. The stone series on the other hand is a little different. Athletes that make it to day three get to go on the main stage and perform the series, which means you go as fast as able to load all the stones, the lighter stones are loaded to higher platforms and the heavier the stone gets, the lower the platform gets.

Final weeks of training and then its go time!



10am Class, CrossFit-Strongman Class

Yoke Carry 50’ immediately into 50’ Keg/stone carry and Load over Yoke

WOD: 2 rounds, 1 Min Each Element

Axel Deadlifts @ 1.5xBW
Stone load over beam 135/95
Sled Push max distance 135(3plates)/90(2plates)
Keg Carry max distance 150/100/50