The Details…Or What We Know

The Details…Or What We Know

Important Dates for the 2018 CrossFit Open

Thursday, February 22 @ 8pm: First Live WOD Announcement by CrossFit HQ on Facebook Live

Saturday, February 24 @ 10am: Week 1 Workout “18.1” Bonanza @ CrossFit Lando (Location Tbd)

Monday, February 26th @ 8pm: Scores closed for 18.1

????: End of Open Party, Location TBD

This schedule repeats for 5 weeks for the related events until the last WOD 18.5 on March 24th with scores due on Monday, March 26th.

We intend on having the community do the workouts together as always as mini events each Saturday at 10am. Locations will be hopefully alternated to make it decent travel for everyone but it is very dependent on the workout elements like time, movements and equipment, and how many people we have involved. Since we don’t know anything about the workouts week to week until Thursday night, it is tough for us to plan and I apologize in advance. Saturday is your 1 and only chance to do the workout unless you clear it ahead of time with me (not other coaches) via email only BEFORE Saturday each week. 

If you are hesitant to sign up because you won’t be here on a week or two, or all 5, don’t let that hold you back! You can’t miss such a fun opportunity just because of your schedule. We can make arrangement for you each week. Heck one Woburn member did every WOD with me counting reps on Sunday morning a few years back. We want to help you do this and make it through to the other side.

Please focus up Wednesday and get signed up. There is no benefit to me, the business, the rest of the staff for more signups, we purely want this to be a great community event like it always is. Reach out to a coach if you are unsure still, but I cannot stress enough how even the most scaling scaled athlete can make it through these workouts. You can scale them just like every day in classes and your coaches will be there to help. It really is just like another day at CrossFit Lando, just way more fun and you kick way more ass.




Strength : Clean
EMOM 8m : 1 Full Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean, build as heavy as able with no misses

WOD : 4 Rounds

20 Thrusters 75/55
20 Sumo DL High Pull
Cap 20 minutes

S: 15 reps each movement, 65/45 Thrusters, 35/26 KB for SDLHP
L1: 15 reps

Rx+: 95/65



1. Core WOD : For Quality THEN Time focus
25 Lemon Squeeze
25 Sotts Press with PVC or bar is able
50 Swimming Superman
50 Hollow rocks
75 Situps
75 Air Squats
100s Forearm Plank

Conditioning : 4 Rounds
20 Burpees, lateral over KB
20 KB Sumo DL High Pull 53/35
Run 400m


The Program

I said this at the start of this ramp up time…either do the work or don’t, but dont half ass it. That is insulting to me and anyone else busting ass because they believe in getting better every day and the fact that 4 people can pull scores out of their ass and we suddenly are in contention for Regionals. I am hearing WAYY to much about things like Tuesdays EMOM being too hard and many people skipping it. If you are one of these people do not teach out to explain, it’s not THAT serious.

BUT…You don’t get to choose what days you do everything based on if you want to or not. You never know if something is hard or you can’t if you don’t try. If you are doing The Program you must always try as a minimum requisite.

1. Strength and WOD

2. Every 7m for 5 rounds
Row 300/50
Run 200m
20 Burpees
30 Double Unders
Row 300/250m
– Its a full sprint as long as you can, then hold on.

3. 15m personal warmup or weakness work