Intern and Coaching Program

Answer the following as instructed the best you can. This is your first chance to show us your reason for being moved on in the process. Don't "try" to anything. Be yourself, if you are not we will see through it immediately and stop reading forever. We like diverse personalities on our team and never hire with a planned personality in mind before. Know also that this is your first semi job performance opportunity as most parts have detailed guidelines and recommendations for your answer style. Do not ignore this above all else.
  • Why should we hire you and invest hours of our time into your development? Why a career coaching fitness? Why CrossFit Lando, why apply now? What else do you want us to know about you on any level that you think shows that you should move to the next step of the hiring process. Hold nothing back, but detail only that which can be done in shortest way possible.
  • We may need to get in touch and email is our preferred way. Be sure to enter one you check regularly and won't spam us.