2015 Kickstart Your Fitness Challenge : Starts Wednesday, January 7




Keep this in mind the entire time you read this and throughout the Kickstarter : If you have to think about it too hard, you are doing it wrong. If you need to think about the food you are eating and if it is good for you then it probably isn’t good for you. If you are wondering about special cases, then it probably is not good.

This is simple : You get points if you eat correctly, if you workout, if you sleep, and if you supplement correctly. If you don’t do those things you get nothing. If you do this you will get results and those results also get you points at the end.

Quick Info:

– 6-7 weeks long. Will end the week of our 2 year anniversary party (date TBD). Official start is Wednesday (Tomorrow) January 7 and ends approximately February 14.

– No “losing” points.

– Eat 3 balanced “clean” meals a day

 – Clean : nothing fried, no bread, no added sugar. Don’t get caught up in the Paleo v. Non-Paleo argument. Don’t look it up. If you have to look it up, argue about it, think too long, or ask…it probably ISN’T GOOD FOR YOU!

– Balanced: Covers all three macronutrient needs of Fat, Carbohydrate, Protein. If you eat meat then it’s meat and vegetables every meal. Fruit can be tossed in sometimes. Breakfast is eggs, avocado, good oil, etc.

– Workout at least 4 times in a week.

 – Less than this isn’t enough activity for any person let alone someone who is committed to a fit and healthy life. To be honest it should be 4-5 times minimum. If you are a 2x a week member then you need to do something outside of the gym. 2x a week isn’t enough even if you are running marathons. Get on a treadmill, get on a rower, do 100 burpees for time, whatever it takes. Fitness is a daily activity.


– There will be a clipboard and roster in the Member’s Area. You will very publicly keep track of your points there. You will also have a take home list you will turn in at the end of the Challenge.

You cannot lose points. You will get points for the following :

1. 3 Balanced Meals = 1 point
– You must eat 3 meals in a day and they must be balanced as described above. Paleo isn’t in play here but they also must be “clean”. You must do all 3 meals and do them in this way to get 1 point.

2. Fish Oil + Post WOD Protein = 1 point
– these must BOTH be done to get the point

3. 6+ hours of sleep a night = 1 point
– Don’t have time to do this? Go to bed earlier. Figure it out. Less than this is unacceptable and you are only hurting yourself and your family, or at least Dexter.

4. At Least 4 Workouts per week = 1 point
– Workouts. Not just activity. If you can’t make it into the gym 4x a week then do something on your own. 100 burpees for time, run 5k, etc. 2 or 3 workouts in a week is not enough for health. If you need help with home workouts check out our TravelWODs, or ask us for help. Home WODs must be 45 minutes of activity to count, unless they are significant Run/Row like 1 Mile Run or 2k Row. Even then you must add some core work and mobility.

5. Water Intake (60-120oz, or 50% BW# in ounces) per day = 1 point

5. PR on Back Squat Re-Test = +10 Bonus at end of Challenge

6. PR on WOD Re-Test = + 10 Bonus at end of Challenge

7. Lose body weight of a measurable* amount : + 5 Bonus at end of Challenge
– A measurable amount means it is at least 3% BW from your start weight as of this Friday. The reason for this is that people fluctuate BW especially when doing high intensity exercise, drinking a lot of water, and throwing a cheat meal in here and there. I know I can fluctuate 5-7 pounds in 24 hours depending on my food, time I wake up, water, etc.

This is simple. Being more fit is simple. If you are looking for shortcuts, or secrets, or quick fixes, you are in the wrong business. As you can see this is a results oriented Challenge. Performance and weight loss will be the proof in the pudding if you will. There is no shortcuts, no cheats, no easy ways. Just straight up work, commitment, desire, and more work and you will get results. It really is that simple. Dedicate yourself to this for 6-7 weeks, this being healthy eating and 1 hour of fitness 4 times a week, and you will not only be on your way on a NEW path for 2015 but see significant results in your performance and your physical appearance. We all know what that means for our mental state!

You can do this, every single one of you. You have all done one of the most difficult things in your life which is walk into CrossFit Lando sight unseen and take a step into the world of fitness you never imagined doing the day before. You can commit to 7 weeks to get your fitness on point.

Signups go through this week. Tests are Wednesday and Friday, makeups can be done up through next week. All your coaches are doing it. We already have 25 names on the list. It ends with our 2 Year Anniversary Party.



WEDNESDAY (Kickstarter Test 1 of 2)


Strength: Find a 1 rep max Back Squat
– 20 minutes

5 Power Snatch 115/75
10 Overhead Squat
15 Pushups


Strength: Find a 1 rep max Back Squat
– 20 minutes

5 Power Snatch 115/75
10 Overhead Squat
15 Pushups

SkWAT Team: Snatch Position Deadlift
4×4 @ heaviest possible, 3 second pause at knee and at top for each rep


THE PROGRAM : You are all STRONGLY encouraged to partake in the Kickstarter. You will use your most recent 1 rep max BS recorded for your PR score.

– Warmup with class. Your workout is different than the Base and Plus but you should partake with class throughout. Timing will be the same

1. Strength: Back Squat (low bar)
3 sets of 3, heavy, then EMOM 10m, 1 Heavy Rep at least 90% 1 rep max

2. WOD: Threshold Work
3 Minute to Complete : 3 Rounds
7 Power Snatch 135/95
Row 100m

then 3 Minutes to Complete : 1 Round
30 Burpees

then 3 Minutes to Complete : 1 Round
25 Front Squat 135/95
15 Power Clean 135/95

then 3 Minutes to Complete : 1 Round
100 Double Unders
30 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95

Rest at least 20 minutes then

3. Snatch Position Deadlift
4×4 @ heaviest possible, 3 second pause at knee and top of each rep

4. EMOM 7m
1 Skin to Cat + 2-5 Muscle Ups
– the goal is at least 2 MU each round


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