2015 Kickstart Your Fitness Challenge

The only way to have fun at fitness is to kick ass and to be out in front of everybody else, be a little bit different, and to try to separate yourself from others. If you aren’t getting better you’re getting worse. – Mark Bell



Not your average Paleo Challenge. The Paleo Challenge was so 2014. This is the 2015 way of doing it! Get ready to get on a new track starting Monday, January 5! Details below.

Note on today’s training: Read this article I wrote about how to lift for the most benefit regardless of percentages or what day it is. This has been a question I have gotten a lot and it affects everyone from beginners to top level competitors. 


It’s no secret that this is the time of year where people need to get control their fitness and nutrition. The holidays are an awesome time but they are filled with cream, frosting, chocolate, and booze, and somehow operate on half the sleep of normal. It’s crazy. But now the holidays are over, wrap them up and put them in the closet with the rest of the end of the year crap, and time to set things straight. Back on track, refocused, resolution, all those ideas need to be trashed. We are setting out on new. We aren’t looking for resolutions that are mere declarations, we want goals and accomplishments. I want January 31 to be rife with people checking things off their list.

So, here at CrossFit Lando we are starting the 2015 Kickstart Your Fitness Challenge. Think similar to our Paleo Challenge, but very different. This will be less formal but no less serious. Less structured but no less important. The next 6 weeks set the tone for your entire year. 6 weeks from now you can not only erase the damage of the holiday season but start making positive gains towards the new, kick ass you. Your health and fitness is a constant work in progress that ultimately should never stop. Like any new goal after a rough patch we all need a boot in the ass. This is the boot in the ass.

There are no secrets. Bad food is crap. Fried crap, sugar, desserts, pizza, bread, gluten, cream, cookies, all that crap is not good for you and not good for building kick ass, fit machines. Sitting on your butt while eating these things is even worse. If you are looking for a quick fix then you are doing the wrong thing. If you are looking for some fad diet, you are looking in the wrong direction. However, while it might not be quick, after 10-14 days you will see some serious changes, IF YOU DO THE RIGHT THING.



We are simplifying it like back in elementary school. Checks for doing the right thing, nothing for doing the wrong thing. Results will speak for themselves. In my opinion the biggest issue with the Paleo Challenge is because of the strictness of it people are constantly looking for loopholes. Paleo treats, gray area foods, alcohol, people are always trying to find a way around the rules. Then at the end of the whole thing the results aren’t there and people wonder why.

The Kickstart Your Fitness Challenge leaves no wondering why. We will test 2 simple things, then retest them at the end of 6-7 weeks. You will get points for eating, taking protein, taking fish oil, sleeping, and working out. In other words, you will be rewarded for doing the basic, necessary, daily tasks to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

You want to eat Paleo baked goods? Fine. Want to eat pizza? More than fine. Want to drink every night? Eat beans? Eat Ranch dressing? Fine, fine, and fine. But you will not get the results you want by mid February, and your 2015 will be on the same track your 2014 ended on. If you want changes you MUST make changes.

For the sake of everyone reading and following along, the rules will be posted tomorrow. They will be simple. They will start January 5. It will be about eating, sleeping, and training. If you do it the right way then your results will show. If you do not do it the right way then your results will show. All your coaches will be doing it, and I want a 75% participation out of the gym. There will be a prize at the end for best performers which will be announced at the Two Year Anniversary Party in February which will conveniently coincide with the end of the Challenge.



Core Conditioning : 9:15-10:00am

Core : 10 Minutes, for quality
10 Left Side Plank Raises (forearm)
10 Plank Ups (center)
10 Right Side Plank Raises (forearm)
20 Abmat Situps
3 Dragon Flag

Conditioning: For Time
50 Box Jumps 24/20 (can bound)
50 Wall Ball 20/14
50 Double Unders/100 Singles
50 KB Swings 53/35

Strength: Overhead Squat
Find a 5 rep max

WOD: 2014 Master’s Qualifier Event 3
3 Rounds
Row 50 Calories
15 Handstand Push-ups
50 Double Unders



Strength: Overhead Squat
Find a 5 rep max

WOD: 2014 Master’s Qualifier Event 3
3 Rounds
Row 50 Calories
15 Handstand Push-ups
50 Double Unders


SkWAT Team: Push Press, behind the neck
Find a max set of 3


Warmup with class

1. Strength: Overhead Squat
Find a 5 rep max

2. WOD: 3 Rounds
Row 50 Calories
15 Handstand Pushups
50 Double Unders


3. SkWAT Team
Snatch Assistance Work : work straight down the list
1. 4×5 Snatch Grip Front Raise (full squat) : see video below (that is me, not Klokov)
2. 4×3 Snatch Pos. Deadlift, pause at knee for 2 seconds
3. 4×5 Weight Box Jump: For height, wear weight vest 20/15#
– this is not a “max height box jump”. This is work on explosiveness and extension. 30-40/24-30″, working on quick and explosive

Snatch Grip Front Raise


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