A Couple Goodbye’s and a Workout for Albert

CrossFit Lando will be closed from 12pm-1pm for Staff Meeting. Open Gym will be from 11am-12pm and there will be class as usual at 1pm.

We have a couple of bittersweet departures coming up in the next few weeks from the CF Lando family.

Matt taking 1st place in our in house throwdown

Matt taking 1st place in our in house throwdown

First, one of our very own though new assistant coaches/interns, Matt Davis, is heading to greener pastures after this weekend for his job. Matt will be heading down to New Jersey for a big job promotion. Matt just recently got his CF Level 1 certification and had been helping as an assistant coach the past 2 months. He has been with CF Lando since early Spring 2013. We are going to miss him just as a good dude and also the awesome athlete he is. We surely will see him here and there as he has roots back here but be sure to thank Matt for all his help and wish him your best.


Albert taking 2nd place in our Battle of the Sexes Competition

Albert taking 2nd place in our Battle of the Sexes Competition

Secondly, not so permanently, but equally as much of a good bye, Albert Holguin is heading off for a very unique work related trip. Albert does contract work through the US Air Force and is heading to Kuwait in 2 weeks to work until mid July on contract negotiations for the government. While Albert is more recent of a member having joined in the Fall of 2013 he is one of our favorite guys around. We are going to miss his personality, hard work, and great example he sets around the box every day. You won’t find a more dedicated and humble person around.

Make sure if you see either of these guys around that you wish them good luck in their travels. I know there are a lot of people coming in tomorrow at 10am to WOD with Albert so you might get a good chance then!


Early Crew: Meet at 8:15, start at 8:45.

Strength: Jerk max out x 2
WOD: WOD 13.4
Escalating by 3, starting at 3
Clean and Jerk 135/95



Partner WOD
Run 1200m
6 Bear Complex 135/95
Bear Crawl 1500′
Walking Lunge 750′
6 Bear Complex 135/95
Broad Jump 1500′
Crab Walk 750′
6 Bear Complex 135/95
Shuffle Sprint 1500′
Plank Walk (forward) 750′

*break the work as desired. Run must be done evenly in 200s

SkWAT Team: Thruster Complex: 3 Thruster + 1 Push Jerk, heaviest possible, then 20 Stone over Shoulder heaviest possible

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