A Very Strong Man

A Very Strong Man

Not sure if you noticed, but Coach Jack has started really focusing on training in this little thing called Strongman.

By not sure if you noticed I mean Jack has gotten massively huge in like 4 months, huger than he was even before which was pretty jacked and huge. So now he’s super jacked huge, noticeably different from the jacked big he was the last 3 years. If you’re having trouble following along you can make it simple by just using your eyes and looking at him while he coaches you. Jack is silly huge, and he’s gotten this way through dedication and hard work that has been his identifier since I hired him 4.5 years ago.

Many of you know that Jack is heading to the Strongman Nationals in about a week. This is an event that brings the best of the best in Strongman together to compete for the title of National Champion. The event is in Las Vegas and begins middle of next week and goes through the weekend. I am going to let Jack tell you all about his personal journey through Strongman that got him to where he is now, and specifically all about the event next week. We are working on live blog action for him to post here so we can all follow him as he goes for the unbelievable feat of winning an event he didn’t even know was a possibility 10 months ago. It’s incredible, truly incredible story and this talking about a kid who we have all come to literally expect greatness. Admittedly I think we all take Jack for granted at times in terms of his athletic achievements so I assure you this is a series of posts you want to save time for.

Tune in Sunday for his first post telling his story, the tale of “J Man the Strong”.

Now I am sure some of you are asking yourself “what is Strongman?”. Good question. The broad definition is a training protocol that uses high intensity, short time domain exercises focused on total body strength often using odd objects. Odd is defined many ways, from weird shapes to absurd large size, a combination of both, and almost always very heavy. As a sport there are events that use equipment specific to the sport, like Atlas Stones and Yokes, that are designed as super intensity situations usually 90 seconds or less. An athlete training/competing in Strongman must develop immense strength and the ability to use it repeatedly. The result of someone using this kind of training, either solely or as a complement to strength training for another sport like CrossFit, is a superior total body strength and the ability to move objects of all shapes and sizes at incredibly big weights. It has become really popular during the fall/winter period of CrossFit athletes looking to develop strength, many finding huge success. Proof being right here in our community with Jack cleaning 350# in our in house competition, almost twice his bodyweight. Silly absurd.

While it seems this is new to Jack and our community, this has been part of his training, coaching, and our community for some time. Jack was certified in Strongman nearly 3 years ago and has run Strongman classes on Sundays in Woburn ever since. Once he returns from his exploits in Vegas next week we will be announcing some awesome additions to the Strongman program for both gyms. Something we are all very excited about.

Remember to check in on Sunday night for Jack’s telling of his journey as a fitness athlete with Strongman and CrossFit and how he has reached the highest levels in both at only 22. Until then watch some guy literally dragging an airplane. Unfortunately this won’t be part of our community program until we get the airplane bought next year.




Strength : Bench and Deadlift EMOM
EMOM 12m
O : Bench Press x3
E : Deadlift x3

Heaviest able on both

WOD : For reps
3m AMRAP, Max KB Swings 53/35 (+5 Bonus for every 20 reps done UB)
rest 1 minute
3m AMRAP, Max Row (Calories)
rest 1 minute
3m AMRAP, Max Handstand Push-ups (+3 Bonus for every 10 reps done UB)

S : 35/26, Push-Ups
L1 : 35/26, Scaled HSPU

Rx+: 70/53, 3″ Deficit



Lift : Bench and Front Squat

StrengthWOD : “Slabs of Beef”
10 Back Squat @ 95% 1rm
20 Deadlift @ 90% 1rm
30 Power Clean 75% 1rm
40 Thrusters 135/95

Coaches will help with scaling


The Program : Off

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