A Year in 5 Weeks : A Look at the Open with Many Hats, Prologue




Those of you who know me personally will probably agree that only I could make writing a simple blog post summarizing the CrossFit Open into something that is delayed for a week and spans multiple posts. But that’s where we are at. I couldn’t possibly organize my thoughts enough to put this all into one post, so for the next 4-5 days I’ll be dedicating the blog to reflections on the past 5 weeks. There are a number of people in the CrossFit world who go through the Opens in a similar way as I do which I thin his unique in the fact that I wear many different hats, often at the same time. Affiliate owner, manager and organizer of two locations of athletes of all levels, competitor program coach/leader, individual competitor coach, husband and best friend of elite individual competitors (aka support staff), and lastly, athlete. 


One of the biggest changes has been the way in which the last hat was worn. The Open used to be all about me. In 2011, the first year of the Open, I qualified for Regionals out of the Open as an individual and was lucky enough to hang on to a team of studs and studettes that made it all the way to Carson, CA. I actually competed on the stadium floor at the CrossFit Games that Stacey Kroon competed on as an individual athlete that very same year. Unbelievable, right? Both of us have certainly changes as athletes in terms of fitness and ability, one being an upward trajectory and the other being a sharp downward. I’ll let you guess who went which direction…


I was an athlete. I worked every day throughout the year just for the 5 weeks that we know as the Open. This all changed as I became an affiliate owner and competitive athlete coach, and 2016 marked the first year I didn’t fully participate as an athlete. This is not something I am proud of but is interesting and will be explored in the coming week. I never thought back then that it would happen but I soon became more invested in other people’s struggles and victories than I did my own. I’ll be honest there as a day where I didn’t think how I invest myself into sport really was possible. Even my days as a baseball coach still had a degree of “me” weaved into the performance and outcome of my teams. Now is completely different.


So, this week we will revisit the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games Open through the perspective of my eyes wearing the many different hats I do during this time. I hope it’s is interesting to read as it was exciting/exasperating/stressful/fulfilling/painful to live.


BUT!!!! Before we get into revisiting, we have to know what is going on ahead. This next two weeks will be testing for those of us who didn’t make anything past the Open. That means testing mostly strength but also some conditioning and skill tests. This isn’t like the Challenge or anything like that, it’s just the end of the Open cycle/beginning of the cycle that is the bridge between now and the new season. Going to be a blast!!



MONDAY : Bridge Season Test Phase, Day 1




1. Spend 15 minutes finding a 1 rep max Back Squat


2. Conditioning Threshold Test
Row 500m
50 KB Swings 53/35 (full overhead)
Row 500m
30 Thrusters 45/35





Strength : Front Squat
Find a 1 rep max in 20 minutes



WOD : For Time
15 Power Clean 135/95
5 Muscle Ups
5 Pistols (each side)
12 Power Clean
5 Muscle Ups
5 Pistols (each side)
9 Power Clean
5 Muscle Ups
5 Pistols


– Bar Muscle Ups are only a replacement for RX at Canal Park, however you are encouraged to use/share the rings. The other sets will be put up this week now that the contractors are done with the duct work.


S : 75/55, 15 Jumping Pull-ups, 15 Air Squats
L1: 95/65, 15 Pull-Ups + 15 Push-Ups for MUs, Scaled Pistols


Rx+: Weighted Pistols 53/35 KB or DB



The Program 


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. Low Bar Back Squat
3-3-3-3, all at 90% 1 rm, work quickly


3. 50 GHD Situps NFT, 5 TGU each side , 53/35 or 70/53 if able


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