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We can no longer avoid the fact that the holiday season is here. Thanksgiving is literally days away and December is only a few more behind it. We all know what that means to people who prioritize fitness. If you are anything like me this becomes a time of great internal turmoil, a season of constant ebb and flow between guilt and penance, acceptance and punishment.


I like have struggled with the inevitable gluttony of the holidays since I can remember. At first my new CrossFit self laughed at the challenge of ignoring the constant crush of vice’s to inhale while I ate salad, grilled meat, and sipped tequila all day. It only took about a week before I woke up naked covered in my grandmother’s famous peanut butter chocolate cookies face down in the lawn. Regardless of my new found understanding of what fitness and health really was I was still a fat kid at heart who really, really loved the holidays. So at this point in my life, which was bout 5  years ago, when I thought this new CrossFit life was the godsend I needed to keep me going through my 20s and into my 30s, suddenly I found myself with a new struggle. Now I KNEW how bad what I did this time of year was for me, I KNEW how good exactly good was when I was clean, rested, and focused on my health. 


But dammit, I also knew how god damn delicious hot cider and bourbon is, how great endless christmas cookies from my Mom, and the joy of every weekend of the month of December being booked with parties and holiday sh*t I would only want to do this time of year.


My first holidays as a CrossFitter down right sucked. Every hangover was twice as bad because I had the guilt of instant noticing of fat deposits around my stomach from every empty calorie I consumed (I have since stopped noticing this as closely…). Every PR I missed I knew was because I was way under my needed 6-8 hours each night because of the weekend before.


That sucked. So I decided to quit fighting.


Surviving the holidays is about acceptance and planning ahead. Accept that you probably won’t maintain the pillar of fitness you imagine yourself as, and plan ahead so you can try to get your workouts in especially if you are traveling. On the other end you also need to accept that your fitness is important to you and you need to show SOME restraint. If you happen to not be close to a CrossFit gym or dare I say a “regular” gym, you won’t decompose from missing a workout or two this week. Looking further ahead I’m not saying you want to just mail it in for December as I know all too well the mental strain that causes, and worse yet how it can give a bitter feel to what should be a season of joy, parties, happiness, and even some unabashed gluttony.


Plan on a few pounds of weight gain. Don’t accept 5-10# in 2-3 weeks. Set some goals and minimums, like say you are an unlimited member then maybe 3-4x a week for 2 weeks is OK. Holding yourself to an attainable standard sets you up for success. Being unrealistic in thinking you are somehow going to go to your office party, family party, gym party, partner’s party, roommates party, neighbor’s party, and my party, and NOT miss a few days in the gym then you either are super human or are set for a big let down come December 26.


Bottom line is this : enjoying the holidays is not only OK but a must. This is the best 4-5 weeks of the year for a reason. Whatever your letting loose is, let loose. Just plan ahead so you can reign it in in time before the regrets pile up. Worst case you completely lose it and fall off the wagon, we will be here January 2nd to get you back on with a new set of wheels.



WEDNESDAY : No 6:30pm class at either location. 4:30 Open Gym at Woburn, 5:30 class…4:30/5:30 class at Canal Park


STRENGTH : Deadlift
Find a 2 rep max


WOD : “Turkey Slaughter/Funhouse”


15 minute AMRAP for max points.

– Athlete chooses which movement to perform for each timed section of 5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, and 1 minute, performed in order from longest to shortest. Once a movement is performed you cannot perform it again for another section.


a) Situps : 1 Point
b) Double Unders : 2 Point (singles divide by 2 for score)
c) Box Jumps 30/24″ : 3 Points (divide by 1.5 for 24/20″ and by 2 for step ups), full stand at top
d) Squat Snatch 165/110 : 4 points (can power snatch + OHS for 3 points), 135/95 = 2 points, 95/65 = 1 point and all scales lower
e) HSPU : 5 Points (subtract 1 point for each abmat/plate of scale, add 1 point for every 3″ deficit). Push-ups = 1 point


Example : Athlete chooses Squat Snatch for 5 minutes, Box Jumps for 4 minutes, Double Unders for 3 minutes, HSPU for 2 minutes, and sit-ups for 1 minute. 


The Program


1. Strength and WOD as written (hardest able for each movement in WOD)


2. Running clock
3 minute Max Hip Ext
3 minute Max TTB
3 minute Max Russian Swing, 106/88
3 minute max Squat Jumps wearing vest, reach to target 12″


3. 8 TGU each side, heaviest able in under 10 minutes

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