Kettlebell Kitchen at CFL

Kettlebell Kitchen at CFL

You may have noticed the new fancy refrigerators at both locations that are home to new fancy meal delivery. We are recently partnered with Kettlebell Kitchen to provide you as members with another option for meal delivery to the gym. Kettlebell Kitchen was our choice out of a number of possible companies because we believe in their product, service, and trust the people in charge of delivering the best product possible to all of our community.

If you are wondering what the heck KB Kitchen is and/or what meal delivery services do, go to their website and read all about it, maybe even make a profile! In short, they make full meals for all three stations of the day, a la carte snacks, meats, sides, and even dessert. All the food is quality sourced, clean at worst and strictly paleo in most cases, and come with a full macronutrient breakdown. The menu is expansive and has great filters so you can narrow your choices down to what you specifically need. Whether you want strict paleo, or low cal only, or maybe more nutrients for increased training, they can provide you with many days worth of options.

Best thing is the food is fresh as can be and delivered right to our gyms twice a week! You can even set recurring orders, an absolute godsend for people like me who can’t remember to get gas let alone weekly meal ordering.

At least give it a look. I promise you won’t regret it! They will be in come August for a full tasting buffet!




Core Work
30s Forearm Plank Hold
2 Burpees
rest 2 minutes
4 Plate Getups

Conditioning : 15m AMRAP
60′ Bear Crawl
60′ Broad Jump
– Every 5 Jumps perform 20 Double Unders/40 Singles




Core WOD : 12m AMRAP
5 Plate Getups
10 Supermans
4 Turkish Getup (2/2) 53/35


WOD : 4 Rounds
Run 800m
30 Russian Swings 53/35
30 Walking Lunges
50 Double Unders

S: 400m Run, 35/26
L1: 600m Run

Rx+: 70/53


The Program : Off

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