American Weightlifting Federation National Championship : June 20-21




While this isn’t exactly “news” in the true sense of the word this is the first time I am really writing about.

This June we have a great month of stuff happening here at the gym. We are hosting a couple great events, one of which being the American Weightlifting Federation National Championship. Since this is the first year of operation this is basically an open championship, meaning ANYONE can sign up.

That means you! If you have ever wanted to do a lifting competition this is the one to do it. It’s going to be an amazing weekend, tons of fun, lead by some of the best lifters in the world, but with a lot of beginners just like you slamming bars officially for the first time ever. Some of your very own coaches from CrossFit Lando will certainly be lifting and we might even have a few National Champions in the mix!

More information will be forthcoming but I assure you this is going to be an event not to miss. Most of you CFLers are very green to the sport of weightlifting so it will be a new experience all around. It’s very cool with more strategy and gamesmanship than you see with a lot happening behind the scenes. Even though I will have my board member duties I will personally coach anyone who enters the competition as a lifter because I like it so much, so get signed up and let’s get to work!

For some this might be opening a door to something new that you had no idea you could compete in. That is our mission with the AWF, to show that the sport of weightlifting is open to all abilities and that in fact many competitors are very much beginners. At the Grand Open in January I saw more PRs that were below BW lifts than you probably would believe. For others this could serve as just a cool experience, another chance to compete in something similar but at the same time totally different than CrossFit. Whatever it is I think this is a great opportunity for our community and something for all of you.

Ask me anytime for more info and in the meantime go check the website for news, apparel, announcements, and more! Check back here tomorrow for info on our CrossFit competition the weekend before!



Strength: Press
Find a 1 rep max shoulder press

WOD: 60 Burpee Pull-ups for Time

S/L1: Burpee into Jumping Pull-up
Rx+: 30 Burpee Muscle Ups

*15 min time cap


The Program : Check Board

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