Another Sunday

If you are needing to do “16.4” for your first time try best you can to get in Sunday from 10-12 in Woburn. CP members can come up and do it tomorrow if need be with no drop in fee. I will be here assisting Jack as he coaches classes to get people through. Please contact me ahead of time through [email protected]  It is going to be very limited for when we can allow people attempts on Monday at both gyms because of the setup and time required for this workout, especially at Canal Park.


Come get fit!





WOD 1: 8m AMRAP, escalating reps
1 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20
2 Overhead Squat 95/65
3 Pull-ups


– All movements increase by same rep it starts (BBJ + 1, OHS + 2, Pull-Ups + 3)


rest 8 minutes


WOD 2: Run 800m, rest 2:00, Run 800m, rest 1:00, 50 Situps

-Score is total time including rest



Strongman (11am) : Come to Jack’s Funhouse of Strength!

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