Apparel Order

When you get to the gym Tuesday you will find a sign up sheet for apparel. Sweatpants and Sweatshirts, 2017 versions.

Here are the designs for the Sweatshirts and Sweatpants, both in Black but the sign up sheet will have a Blue (navy) option as well. The star color is Green with the Navy option (flourescent, yay!). FYI : Order a size up on the Joggers!!!

Please get this in by end of week. Monday LATEST!!!! We want to get this done for middle of December return.


2017 Lifestyle and Fitness Challenge

Winners will be announced on tomorrow (Tuesday) night’s post for Wednesday. Final tally is going down. We had a great top 10 with a top 3 that was unbelievably dedicated and hard working through the entire 8 weeks. Just amazing.

Just in time for CrossFit Lando Holiday Party of Destiny on December 14th at the Pour House.




Strength : Push Press and Row
EMOM 14m
O : 1 Push Press, heavy, taken from floor
E : Row 10/8 Cal AFAP…you should have at least 20 seconds, 30-40 seconds for advanced rowers.


30 Double Unders
15 Wall Ball 20/14

S: 50 Singles, 10 Wall Ball to 9′ target @ lighter weight
L1 : 20 DUs or mixed 50 reps total.

Rx+: UB Wall Ball…drop or stop = star back at 1



Lift : Jerk (athlete choice)
2-2-2-1-1-1, working to a 1rm PR attempt

Accessory : Bench Press 5-5-5-5

Conditioning : EMOM 16m
O : 1 Push Press, taken from floor, should be heavy challenge
E: 10/8 Calorie Row SPRINT


The Program

1. Strength and WOD Rx+

2. Hang Clean and Jerk
8 sets E90S, 2 Hang Power Clean + 3 Push Jerk

  • All % of Hang Clean

1: 60%
2-4: 61-75%
5-6: 76-85%
7-8: 86%+ to failure

3. For Time
10 Thrusters 185/135
20 Burpee Box Jump with Step Down 24/20
10 Thrusters
30 Burpee Box Jump with Step Down
30 Handstand Push-Ups


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