Back At It

Back At It

I hate Mondays as much as anyone. I hate any day that doesn’t allow me to do whatever I want, when I want. But sometimes we have to just deal with the deal, bet $100 on 9 because it’s one of two numbers in your favorite restaurant name regardless of the dice mathematically not hitting it as often as 6 or 8 which you never bet on, and you just go grind out a W for the week by starting it off with the first opportunity which happens to be Monday.




1. Core
100 Scissor Kick
100 Supermans
100 Hollow Rocks
20 Burpees


2. Conditioning

Row 80/70 Calories
50 Burpee + Pull-ups
Run 800m



Strength : Low Bar Back Squat
then 2-2-2-2 High Bar @ 80% above max, speed focus

WOD : 8 Minutes
100 Double Unders
AMRAP Squat Clean 155/105

S: 150 Singles, 95/65
L1: 50 Double Unders, 135/95

Rx+: 225/155


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. For Time

Row 100/88 Cal
15 Muscle Ups
400m KB Carry 70/53
15 Burpee Muscle Ups


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