Barbell Club Free Week Preview!

Barbell Club Free Week Preview!

Go to the Facebook group “CrossFit Lando Barbell Club” and request access for a free week of content, programming, and coaching from your Lando Lifting Coaches, lead by Coach Bud!

You get access for a week with no if ands or buts, just a lot of good stuff from Bud including a look at what the supplemental programming consists of and how you can do it each week with the regular Lando programming for whatever your goals are.

Whether you want to be a better weightlifter for CrossFit, a competitive weightlifter or powerlifter, or just get stronger for whatever lifts you want for why-ever you want, this programming is great for you!

Check it out for a free week the rest of June. If you don’t have Facebook, email us for access another way!



Strength : Low Bar Back Squat (20 minutes total)
3×2, must be done in 5 minutes
– rest 2 minutes
3×2, must be done in 5 minutes
– rest 2 minutes

3×2, MAX OUT done in 6 minutes


  • Work within the time given to whatever you can for the final 3×2. Warmup with sets before.


WOD : For Time
Squat Snatch 135/95
Wall Climbs
Box Jumps 24/20

S: Power Snatch and/or 75/55, Step Ups
L1: 95/65

Rx+: 165/115, 30/24



Core : 5 Rounds
20 Cal AB (15 for women)
20 Weighted Situps w MB
10 Plank Pushups

Conditioning: For Time

Cal AB x5
Cal Row x6
Run Meters x100
Wall Climbs


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2a: 4×5 Weighted High Jump (any weight able, highest jump able), rest 60s
2b: 4×8 Heavy KB Swings, full OH, hardest able, rest 60s
2c: 4×8 Walking Lunges, goblet KB weighted, heaviest able (8 Total), rest 60s

3: For Quality
100 GHD Hip Extensions
100 Full ROM Abmat Situps



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