Barbells For Boobs This Saturday

Barbells For Boobs This Saturday


Come to CrossFit Lando – Charlestown for 10am start time (no class either location) and support a great charity, Barbells for Boobs.

Everyone will get a chance to workout with the WOD “Grace”, 30 Clean and Jerk 135/95 or whatever scale you want. Then everyone who wants to can pair up with a partner and do “Team Grace”. Same WOD, this time with help, see if you can do it as fast or faster!

We will have T Shirts special designed for the occasion, and maybe a few post WOD beers to drink together after a great time working out for a good cause.

Be here anytime from 930 on to get ready, get a shirt, and get in a Heat! 




Strength : Snatch
Find a 3 rep max, 7 sets e90s

WOD : From Saturday August 18th, 2018

12 STOH 115/75
9 Lunges
6 Thrusters
3 Muscle Ups

S: 75/55, 9 Jumping Pull-ups
L1: 95/65, Regular pull-ups

Rx+: Front Rack Lunges, 125/85



Core Work : 3 rounds

30 hollow rocks

30 Superman’s

60 Russian twists

run 400m

Conditioning : 14 Minutes
24 Wall Ball Push Press
18 Lunges holding MB @ chest
12 MB Thrusters
9 Jumping Pull-ups


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. Squat Party
10 minutes to find a 1 rep OHS
10 minutes to find a 2 rep Front Squat
10 minutes to find a 3 rep Back Squat

rest 5 minutes

Row for 10 minutes, 1 break of 20s allowed