Beyond the Whiteboard : What Goes Into Each Part of Your Daily WOD




While sometimes it might seem like I just slap a bunch of movements together and pick a number out of a hat for reps and time domain, there is some sense of purpose behind what is written on the whiteboard. In the next few days we are going to take a look at each part and Im going to explain in depth what does into planning that part, what certain pieces within that part might mean, and generally give you all information that will be both useful and interesting. Today I want to get into scaling and look at the workout for Wednesday as our example. 



First it helps to understand why and when to scale. The biggest mistake we can make in our fitness is that scaling is a negative or sign of weakness. People tend to look at it this way because we all scaled things down when we started out so understandably we feel we don’t want to ever “go back down” to scaled situations. Scaling cannot have a universal approach movement to movement, workout to workout, and within the same movement. You might no longer need a band for pull-ups for a workout like “Cindy” with 5 at a time, but that doesn’t mean you should scoff at using a band for a WOD with 20 pull-ups at a time. The most important thing to know about scaling is we scale to give us the best opportunity for a quality, safe, and effective high intensity workout. Intensity comes from moving large loads (weight or ourselves), long distances quickly, with quickly being relative. The faster you move the more fit you become in a quicker period of time, so scaling should be used to keep you moving!


There is that line, though, where we have to cross over to continue building our fitness through intensity by using a harder/lesser scale. As you get more fit you will need to challenge yourself to improve intensity, again applying our non-universal mindset to scaling. Sometimes you have to just take the leap, check the ego at the door, and slog through a workout to get the first session under your belt at that harder scale.


AMRAPs are always a good time for this because no matter what the workout WILL end and with everyone together. No matter what we say I know it’s tough to be working last (trust me I know from experience). So next time you want to try out your improved fitness on a movement get here when that AMRAP shows up with it in it!


Now, it’s important to know how you should scale when you make the decision that you should. When scaling a movement always keep in mind that your goal is to one day do that movement as RX, or not scaled. It might be in a few weeks, it might be in years, but either way you are working towards constant improvement. Since this is true it is important to keep the standards of the movement in mind. Range of motion, movement pattern, setup and execution, all important for the regular movement so are just as important when scaled. 


Lastly keep your current fitness goals in mind. Things change, life changes, and so should how you go about your workouts. I wrote about taking the first step a week ago. Sometimes the first step has to be adjusted for where you are in life or it’s tough to be successful. Just because you haven’t scaled a particular movement, or could do a weight for a bar movement easily, doesn’t mean you can’t scale down when starting back out after a break, whether injury or vacation or longer time off. The higher the intensity the faster we reach our fitness goals, so scale yourself for your fitness short and long term!





BootCamp Sprint


1. Tabata Core : 8 Rounds of each couplet, alternating back and forth

a: Barbell Roll-Outs
b: Supermans


c: V Ups
d: Russian KB Swing 53/35


e: KB Goblet Squat
f: Dragon Flag


2. Conditioning : 12m AMRAP
5 Ring Dips
10 Jumping Lunges
15 Hang Power Snatch 75/55
rest :30





Strength: Front Squat


then 1 minute AMRAP @ 75%



WOD : For Time
Row 750m
21 Deadlift 275/185
30 Handstand Push-ups


S: Row 500m, 155/105, 30 Ring Dips
L1: 225/155, Scaled HSPU


Rx+: 315/225, 3″ deficit HSPU or 15 FS HSPU



The Program


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2. 4 Rounds
Run 200m AFAP
10 Thrusters 135/95 AFAP
40 Double Unders

– rest 2:00

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