High Intensity Group Training : CrossFit and Sweat Class

BootCamp and CrossFit Group Classes

If your goals are to improve your fitness then CrossFit Lando Charlestown has the program for you. Between our BootCamp style Sweat class, our internationally popular CrossFit program, and our lifting focused Strong class we offer multiple class options each day.

Our Group Classes: BootCamp, CrossFit, and Strong Class

Lando offers 3 different high intensity group classes taught by award-winning coaches. Our CrossFit classes use barbell and other weightlifting movements, bodyweight gymnastics, and sprint and endurance conditioning. Sweat classes focus on conditioning and core strength with minimal/lighter weights and higher repetition movements. Strong is CrossFit with an extra lifting session.

All our class types combine the 10 important components of fitness.

  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Strength and Power
  • Speed and Agility
  • Coordination, Balance, and Flexibility

What Makes Them Different?

CrossFit and Strong
  • Truly great for all levels beginner through competitive, and previous experience and skill with CrossFit or the movements can sometimes make for more immediate comfort in classes.
  • Assortment of equipment including barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, bodyweight equipment like plyometric boxes, pull-up and dip rigs.
  • Works all muscle groups through coached warmup, dedicated strength focus, and conditioning segment that can be up to 30+ minutes!
  • Strong combines everything CrossFit has with an extra barbell session thrown in.
  • Our version of BootCamp.
  • Great for all levels, and beginners with no previous fitness or sport experience will feel immediate comfort and see results quickly regardless of ability or fitness level.
  • No barbells used, with equipment varying from kettlebells, weight med-balls, plyometric boxes and other conditioning gear like jump ropes and rowers, and bodyweight gymnastics stations for pull-ups, dips, and core exercises.
  • Total body workout with major focus being on core development and strengthening, full body muscular conditioning/toning, and cardiovascular endurance. There is no strength focus in SWEAT classes.

Regardless of what class you choose you will feel welcome and see near immediate improvement in your fitness!