Breaktime means WODtime!

Nothing like getting a quick WOD in while breaking from putting a gym together! We have been working hard over at 10 Micro Drive in Woburn, MA trying to get things ready for the big opening.

For those of you who are new to the whole CrossFit thing, a WOD stands for Workout Of the Day. This is the term we use for our daily programming aka what you will be doing each day when you come into the gym. The WOD changes every single day. This is the beauty of CrossFit. By changing the stimulus you are giving your body you are able to break through your physical threshold every time you set foot in the gym. We change the stimulus by mixing up time domains (short, medium, or long workouts) the movements (bodyweight gymnastics, weightlifting, sprint conditioning), and the environment (inside, outside, no music, partner workouts, rest intervals). By giving you something different every time you come to workout it not only makes it more fun and interesting with chances to learn new skills and movements every day, but it gives you an opportunity to improve your fitness that you can’t get at any other gym.

Still there are times we repeat workouts, sometimes months apart (WODs) and sometimes weeks apart (strength movements like back squatting, the olympic lifts). While constantly varied is the key to fitness in our opinion, we also believe that repeating your work from time to time is a great way to measure your improvements along the way. CrossFit HQ even has some “baseline” workouts that have been made just for this purpose, to test your fitness as you progress through your CrossFit journey.

An example is a workout called “Karen”. This workout calls for 150 Wall Balls, a movement that is a squat into a toss to a target 10 feet above you with a medicine ball. The RX (prescribed) weight for the medball, meaning the “target” weight that athletes should aim to use, is 20/14, or 20# for men and 14# for women. The beauty of CrossFit is that you can scale ANY and ALL movements. So, if you are just starting out and the workout “Karen” is the WOD, we might advise you to scale the medball weight down a few pounds so you can make it through the workout in a reasonable amount of time. As you get more experienced you will start to understand how and where to scale yourself based on your ability. Say you do “Karen” in 12:00 and use a scaled down medball, the next time you do it you would want to use the same weight and get a better time or try for the RX weight and get at least the same time. If you repeat it with the same weight and then get 9:00, you did all that work 3 whole minutes faster! That is fitness!!

THIS IS WHAT MAKES CROSSFIT FUN. Not only do you get more fit every single day but you get to see your improvements in real time and have goals to shoot for, both short term and long term. For some it is simply getting their first pullup without the assistance of bands. For others it is doing baseline workouts prescribed or even competing. Whatever your goals are CrossFit Lando will allow you to make it happen!

Here is a video of Stacey and myself doing “Karen” this past Thursday during a break from working on putting the gym together. As you can see we still have some work to do construction wise, but it still doesn’t stop us from getting our work in! Nothing like 150 wall balls to shake off the Christmas hangover (ie millions of cookies)


Coach Stacey and I are in charge of the daily programming that goes on at the gym. Both have been in the CrossFit community for years and have a lot of experience with writing and performing workouts. Many of the workouts you will do at CrossFit Lando have been tested by Stacey and Lando before so you know you are doing something that is quality.

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