Bring a Friend





Bring a Friend Day!!


Both locations will have only 1 class, 10:00am, but they will be Bring a Friend awesome classes! The workout will still be a great workout for any level but have more basic movements for any level to handle. Remember Canal Parkers please let us know (I know some have already) if you are bringing someone so we know numbers. There will be no limit but we just need to plan ahead.




Kipping clinic at Canal Park, starting around 11:00am relatively soon after end of class.


Come in and GET FIT with friends!





Strength : High Bar Back Squat



WOD : Partner WOD, 15 minute AMRAP
50 KB Swings 53/35
Partner 1200m Run
50 Burpees


– Work other than runs can be broken any way desired. Runs done in equal 200m sections.



The Program


1. Snatch
3×2, then 5×2 Snatch Balance


2. High Bar Back Squat


3. WOD : 15m AMRAP
25 KB Swings 70/53
Run 600m
25 Goblet Squats

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