Challenge Finish Line

Challenge Finish Line

Challengers, unite!!!

Don’t think you’ve been forgotten. The over 40 of you who have been busting your butts getting focused and staying focused on your health and wellness. Judging from the performances of so many of you participating in the Challenge it’s been an eye opening and life altering 7 weeks so far. Now it’s time to put it away so that the changes we have made are truly ingrained in us long term.

The advice I have that probably is most important, that which I received and followed the first time I made a lifestyle change to a clean eating, wellness focused living is not to treat this as an “end” at all. Yes, it is the finish line for our dedicated time for the Challenge. Yes you deserve a night, maybe even a weekend, of “fuckwitmeyouknowigotit” attitude when it comes to the question of “will you eat that”. The important, maybe most important, part of the next 2-3 weeks and beyond is identifying the bad habits of the past, good habits you developed to replace them, and how you make sure it stays in that good/bad balance that helps you achieve positive fitness and wellness.

We will talk a few times this week about what good habits are when it comes to long term nutrition and workout achievements, and super importantly the way you should set goals and how to identify the values that guide you, and the difference between the two.

A great week to get going regardless of what it is you are starting!

Jack will be talking to us about Nationals on Monday night. Check back here!




Strength : Front Squat
– 2 “normal” reps then 1 rep with bottom quarter “bounce”.


WOD : 3 Rounds
Run 300m
12 Hang Power Snatch 75/55

S: 8 Reps
L1: 10 Reps

Rx+: UB Snatch 95/65



Core Work Blaster

1. 21-15-9
Weighted Situps 20/14
Hollow Rocks
Russian KB Swing 70/53
KB Deadlift
Russian Twist 20/14


2. Conditioning
Run 300m
12 KB Swing 53/35
8 Burpees
Rest 30s

  • Goal is each round SPRINT and UNBROKEN reps


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. For Time, for quality over speed
50/45 Calorie Row
40 Pistols (alt.)
20 Bar Muscle-Ups
20 Squat Snatch 155/105

3. Deadlift
10 minutes work up to 80% of 1 rep max for 3, start at 40% and perform sets of 3 up 10% each set until required work
E30S for 7 sets, 4 FAST Deadlifts @ 85%

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