Challenge Special Announcements

So that is that, the Fall Fitness and Lifestyle Challenge is in the books! There were 65 people who officially signed up and 35 who finished all the way through to the end. That is an awesome, strong showing by both communities! In our world where it seems like last week was a year ago it is very difficult to maintain a routine above our already hectic routine. This is especially true when it is something so disruptive in many cases like totally uprooting your knowledge and practice of nutrition and doing something completely different. If you participated in this Challenge I give you props on props. As someone who participated myself I have to say it is not easy, and this is my job!

Our winner(s) will be announced tomorrow night to give them their due. When it comes to analyzing the data beyond just who won the point total and bonus points for improvements on the workouts, the point of these Challenges is to increase overall fitness while becoming healthier in our bodyweight and body fat data points. Of course weight loss isn’t everything, but it is something when you lose it while gaining strength and speed. It isn’t a mistake that usually the people who follow the Challenge details the closest therefore getting the most points also lose the most weight by relative % and get the best retest results. So this matters. Bottom line the healthier we are the lighter we are and the less stress we are putting our body through which means we live longer. It’s actually science.

Here are some special shout outs to people who kicked absolute ass the entire way, from losing weight to PRing squats, to learning how to eat quinoa.


Consistency is the Name of the Game

In this Challenge getting over 250 daily points was doing above and beyond what you should be doing, 300 daily points was great, and over 320 was down right phenomenal. Suzy Rappaport – W (349), Tasha Coppett – C (328) and Stacy Doyle – W (320) all crushed the 320 mark, with Intern Jim Grande (318) also hitting the 300+ mark. Amy Haroutanian – W, Katie Hagen -C, and recent Member of the Month in Woburn Dan O’Neill all did the duty start to finish coming in with 250+ daily points.


We Lost More Than Our Minds

Weight loss is all relative. Yeah the big numbers like Dan O’Neill losing 25# in a matter of 2 months is amazing, but it’s all about percentage of bodyweight. Someone losing 50# is a great feat even if they start at 500#, but it’s just as impressive and difficult as someone weighting 150# to lose 15 as it’s 10% of their total bodyweight. What is most impressive is when someone can do this and maintain their fitness. What is down right nasty-silly impressive is when people do that and INCREASE strength and work capacity.

A number of people did just that. Stacy Doyle lost 4% BW while decreasing her “Fran” time by 1:00. ONE MINUTE FASTER!!!!! That is nuts. Cashews and Pea. Dan O’Neil as mentioned before has lost over 20#, 8 of those during the Challenge, and improved on “Fran” so much he went from 2 greens to Rx Pull-Ups and did the WOD in under 10:00 for the first time. Special shout out to Tasha Coppetts, who I think will get more ink tomorrow with the top finishers announcement, as she lost almost 10% BW in almost 20#!!!! All of this while INCREASING her back squat by 5% (10#) and improving in her other conditioning tests. Decrease BW, increase strength and work capacity? Wow, how does that happen??!!


PRs, or close to it

One of our tests was the Back Squat which actually kicked off the Challenge back in September (I know so long ago, right?). We had some great performances, with Dan O again making this list with a 35# increase which was over 10# of is 315# starting point. People who all put at least 10% increases into their Back Squat are Suzy and Stacy again, Katie Hagen, and Vera Fiegueroa – W. Great work by all of you!


“Fran” – That BIT**H

I love the Metcon and/or “Fran” testing part of these Challenges over the years because we see some really incredible things. Like I said, increased strength and fitness/metabolic conditioning while losing weight is really where the Challenge results are seen. You know, like yours truly who lost 13# and increased the back squat from 405# to 445#, but who’s counting? Oh wait, this is about “Fran”…

Our star of the month Dan O’Neil, while having a slightly difficult time with his data production (aka doing the workouts at the right time) through his personal nutrition consulting with me and this Challenge went from using 2 green bands for pull-ups to DOING “FRAN” IN 8:30 RX….YES RX WITH PULL-UPS. That, my friends, is improved health and fitness.

Stacy Doyle also saw an increase by nearly a minute with her “Fran” time, as did Suzy….I think we are starting to see a trend here with our top point getters and our performance. We also saw Suzy and 4 other athletes improve by 1 minute at least with Rx pull-ups. That is an incredible amount of work improvement when we are talking about a workout with less than 8:00 of work for most people.

I have to also include Michele Landes. You might recognize the last name because she is my mother. She is the mother of 5 Landes’ who still to this day keep her busy, but she also is a Flower Associate at the Museum of Fine Arts that is basically a full time job charged with keep the flowers beautiful all over the MFA. She commutes 45 minutes to get to either gym, and takes care of my ass specifically as I am living at home with her and my Dad.

Well Mom killed it during this Challenge. I mention all the things keeping her busy because she didn’t do the tests but she, at nearly 65 years old, still lost weight and BF% by eating clean and has seen a decrease in her joint and muscle pain that she lives with daily. This woman has had 6 surgeries on one knee from a total knee blowout skiing over 20 years ago!


Whatever your goals are, clean eating and a clean lifestyle gets you there. This includes being a competitor. Don’t kid yourself if you are or want to be a competitor and think all you need is more time in the gym. The best competitor in our community, one who has made the CrossFit Games 2x and top 7 in our Regional 7x…yes Coach Stacey, went from me coaching her on her nutrition and macros on a daily basis and has since moved to a MORE strict and consistent program. This is someone who is a physical specimen and has her competitive training at it’s highest. If competing is something you want to do, shout out to Comp Team info coming tomorrow as well, then you need to dial in your nutrition and NOW. There is no excuse for not working hard enough, outside of the gym is just as important.

I hope that anyone out there who still battles with food issues or body image issues can see how easy it all is especially in a community like this. Here you have the professional knowledge from all your coaches including a multi year Games athlete in miss Stacey Kroon. You also have over 350 people between the 2 gyms who work for the same thing as you. Even outside of a Challenge you can reach out for help with your lifestyle and fitness. It all starts with what you put in your body hour by hour, day by day.




Strength : Clean
EMOM 6m : 1 Clean, building to heavy
then EMOM 3m : 1 attempt each min at max/PR clean


WOD : 4 Rounds (30 minute time cap)
12 Deadlift 245/175
18 Pull-Ups
Run 600m

S: 3 Rounds, 135/95, Jumping Pull-Ups
L1: 185/135, Banded pull-ups or 12 not scaled

Rx+: 315/225, -1 rep every time drop from PU bar



Core Blast TBD

Conditioning: 4 Rounds
12 Box Jumps of Stepups
12 KB Swing 53/35
12 Jumping PU
12m Single Arm KB Carry + 5 Single Arm Push Press (down then back switch arms, PP after each end)
Row 12 Cal


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. Front Squat
5 @ 60%
2×4 @ 70%
2×3 @ 75%
2 @ 80%
then EMOM 8m, 1 rep @ 92%

rest exactly 5m then

3. 15-12-9-6-3
Strict HSPU
HS Walk, meters
KB Swing 88/70
GHD Situps

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