Challenge Winners


Congratulations Jess!!



2016 Lifestyle Challenge Winner : Jessica Ngui



Jess did an awesome job with the challenge, finishing in the top 5 in total points for nutrition logging while also improving in every single test. You can’t get a better example of why clean eating is the best thing you can do for your overall health and wellness because not only did she lose weight and surely improve here general health, she got stronger, faster, and overall a lot more fit.


Some fun stats for Jess’s Challenge : She was tied for 3rd with points with 198, improved her Power Clean by 20# which in a 7 week period is absolutely amazing, did “11.1/14.1” at RX and got 43 reps better, improved both the Push Press and Back Squat by 5#, and almost 20 seconds improvement on “Fran”.


Jess wins an awesome package from NutriForce and SFH as well as a 50% discount on her next month membership!


Stay tuned tomorrow for some other winners and awesome stats from the rest of the Challengers. Great job guys!





Strength : Press





5 Power Clean 145/100
15 Wall Ball 20/14





1. TABATA TIME : 8 Total Rounds
a: Chin Over Hang (hardest able…L sit included)
b: Ball Slab 20/14


rest 1 minute then : 90 second Burpee Max Out


rest 3 minutes


2. TABATA TIME : 8 Total Rounds
a: STOH 75/55
b: Hang Clean


– Any time bar touches the floor between “a” and “b” is 100m running after 8th round


rest 1 minute then : 90 second Burpee Max Out


rest 3 minutes


3. Run 600m AFAP

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