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It’s back to our Benchmark Fridays! Here is a throw back, one of the first benchmarks we ever did. “Christine” is a classic. 3 Rounds of brutality and grace all wrapped into one. Row fast enough that you can get a good time, but pace enough that you can do your deadlifts in big sets or even unbroken. Then those beautiful box jumps! Oh those box jumps. Zone out, get a pace, and just go. Fast feet = fast box jumps!



Core Conditioning : 915am

Core: 5 Rounds or 15 minutes
30 plank push ups
10 windshield wipers
10 burps
10 GHD situps
30 supermans

Run 800m THEN
10 weighted step up 53/35 at chest
10 KB Swings
10 KB goblet squat
10 (5 each side) KB single arm thruster


Strength: Clean and Jerk

Find a 1 rep max


WOD: “Christine”

3 Rounds
Row 500m
12 Deadlift @ BW
21 Box Jumps, bounding allowed, 24/2-0

S : 50% BW
L1: 75% BW

– It’s been a while since we did this workout so your scale might be totally different than last time. Don’t stick to what you did before. Sometimes that is best so you can get a real close comparison but in this case go with the challenge of scaling the next level up, whatever that may be!


The Program

1. Clean and Jerk

2. “Christine”

3. 5m AMRAP : Overhead Step Overs (see video) and Burpee Box Jump Over

– Wear a weight vest. Perform 2 OH SO on each arm. Use heaviest able with absolute control/safety. Drop and then snatch each rep. Then perform 5 Burpee Box Jump Over with lateral jump each jump. AMRAP 5m. Video is shown with 75# DB.

4. Core Work : Posted on whiteboard



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