“Christine” is a CLASSIC.

Row (or maybe Run)
Deadlift @ BW.
Box jumps.

Doesn’t get much better.

Get in here and get er done!!




Strength : Press + Push Jerk
1 + 5, find a max in 15-20 minutes

WOD: “Christine” : 3 Rounds
Row 500m/Run 400m
12 Deadlift @ BW
21 Box Jumps 24/20 (bounding allowed)

S: 50% BW
L1: 75% BW

Rx+: 1.25x BW

  • Your coaches will dictate running or rowing, but if there are more people than we are able to handle in class you will be allowed to run for all 3 rounds, or possibly mix it up. However if there are rowers a plenty, you do “Christine” as written!!

    If you are in a running class, don’t fret, if you have done “Christine” before then running is an interesting challenge!


Sweat : 20m AMRAP

Run 400m/Row 500m
21 KB Swings 53/35
21 Box jumps/step ups 24/20


The Program 

1. Strength and “Christine”

2. Barbell Good Morning
5 sets of 5 reps, all heavy

3. 3 Rounds Accessory Work, working down the list each round

x5-10 Strict Pull-Ups
x1 – 30s Front Rack Hold @ 110% Front Squat Max
x10-20 Strict HSPU
x1-5 Strict MU
x1 Deadlift with 30s hold @ top @ heaviest able no drops