Closed July 4th and 5th

Closed July 4th and 5th

We are closed Wednesday and Thursday. Have a very happy, safe, and hopefully fun filled 4th of July.

If you need to get a sweat in, maybe check out a Travel WOD here we have with both equipment and no equipment options. Here are 2 workouts Stacey and I will be doing Wednesday and Thursday respectively. If you want to try them out yourselves, go for it!

1. Wednesday AM 4th of July Workout:
5 Rounds, each section 1:30 including rest

KB Swing 70/53
DB Snatch 55/35 (5/5)
Burpee + Air Squat (no jump and clap, just stand then add squat)


2. Thursday AM 5th of July Recovery/Survival Workout
EMOM 21m
1: 7 Sumo DL HP, 6 Eye High KB Swing, 5 Goblet Squat
2: 12 Lunges holding KB in Front Rack (6 right hand, 6 left hand)*
3: 12 Single Arm DB Thrusters 55/35 (6 each side)

– Repeat for 7 “rounds” aka 21 minutes