Closed Tuesday for Veteran’s Day




We here at CrossFit Lando are honoring our veterans by closing for Tuesday, November 11.

Now I know this doesn’t sit well with some people as it takes a day away from the whole fitness thing. This I understand and really appreciate you rolling with our punches. Not only is this day being taken as respect for our Veterans but it is also a CrossFit Lando professional development day. Your coaches will be here spending the day organizing the wrap up of 2014 and getting ready to usher in the new year of 2015. I know it’s almost depressing to think but we aren’t too far from that time of year! Even though it is an “off” day work wise for us we will be spending it getting better as a staff, or many beatings for Jack! With the busy schedule we have had as a community as a whole, and the great things we have started and on the horizon it is imperative that we get days like this where we can get things done uninterrupted as a group and make sure the product we are giving to all of you is beyond top notch. We want it to be the notch. To keep your thirst for learning at bay here is an article from The CFL Factory that applies to everyone about lifting and why certain weights are important and why/when. This article here.

If it absolutely kills you to not be able to make it in for class I suggest a couple things. First and probably the most sensical is go to another CrossFit gym. Maybe chose “the other one” you would be going to if we didn’t’ exist, maybe close to work or home or in some other way not CrossFit Lando. Sometimes it is fun and exciting to try a new place, experience different coaches, and see what another community is like. I am not too worried about losing you guys to another place, I mean how many gyms can you get the Stacey Kroon experience, or have me coach an entire class without smiling, or be cleaned up for your night out without even taking a shower by dog tongue enzymes? I like to think of it like if you broke up with your current husband and wife sometime in the past because you/they wondered what new and wonderful things were out there being missed, only to get back together after many crappy blind dates and sh**ty first kisses/walks of shame realizing that you had it pretty damn good in the first place. We strive to not be the walk of shame but rather the welcoming hug and kiss after a few months away, albeit with a few weeks after of sideways looks, sneaking off to the bathroom with your cell phone to check your text and call history, stealing your email password until you change it and claim we knew nothing of it, and calling you at noon screaming and crying over the “poke” you got from the person we had never heard of before the break up. “What do you mean it meant nothing??!!! I thought you said you didn’t meet anybody!!!!”.

Another option is go for a long run. Remember that thing you did before you fell in love with me, I mean CrossFit Lando (ok that really was a joke because I know none of you like me in the first place)? Guess what? Long runs are actually a great way of getting in shape if they are just one part of a fitness regimen that incorporates many other things. Go hit a 5k and see what your time is these days. It’s supposed to be very nice weather tomorrow so take advantage of these days while you can!

There is also something crazy like taking an off day that you can do. Crazy I know! Stacey has punched me in the face for mentioning such things. But maybe mixing up the off days especially one where it could be 60 degrees in November could really set the week up nicely?! Yes? No? Maybe!??!!

Either way, again we appreciate you understanding us closing mid-week and look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!


We will be up and running again on Wednesday morning with the regular scheduled 5:30am class.

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