Club Level : $20 Per Month 

Are you a CrossFit Lando athlete who wants to get some time in specifically focusing on weightlifting or powerlifting while still maintaining your CrossFit training?

Are you a Weightlifter or Powerlifter who wants more focus on these disciplines without completely taking you out of the community driven fitness of CrossFit Lando classes?

Welcome to The Club Level. This is the entry level to the Lando Barbell Club and gets you 20-30 minutes of supplemental programming for weightlifting or powerlifting. It also includes:

Club Level gets you: 

  • Access to Lando Barbell Facebook Page which includes
    • Community built on like minded and goal focused individuals
    • Daily Supplemental Programming
    • Weekly Coaching Video/Tip from Lando Coaches


Note: this is not for specific competition prep. Those wanting to focus on build up to a competition might want personalized programming down to the detail found in Podium Level, or additional video analysis with this Club Level programming found with The Next Level.


Assessment : $75 one time personal training session.

It all starts with your 1 on 1 Assessment.

Everyone is different. Your assessment will identify what your needs are, and you along with your coach will determine which Barbell Club level is best for you if you need to make that decision, and what you need to focus on for your goals.

Assessment time will cover the lifts for the discipline you want to focus on, inform you on how the program works and specific programming vocabulary, drills, and other things that will be necessary to helping you use your program. You will also get an in depth physical assessment of your lifting ability and where you need to focus your efforts when training!

Access to Club Level is simply an email away. Email [email protected] for more information or to get signed up. You will schedule your $75 assessment with Coach Bud or another Lando Coach here as well.


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Thank you for your interest in CrossFit Lando!  The first step is to set up a no obligation, complimentary intro session where we take you through the essential movements used in CrossFit, BootCamp, or Weightlifting. We also answer any questions you may have about the program and put you through a short, intense WOD (workout of the day) to give you a feel for what we do.

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