Come See Coach Pat One Last Time

Come See Coach Pat One Last Time

Coach Pat coaches his last classes as a full time coach tomorrow (Thursday) at Lando Charlestown. Come see him and get tortured one more time for kicks. Remember, Pat isn’t gone for good, just from coaching!

Also remember, his classes and more time slots will be filled now by Coach Lauren Hicks. As many of you know she is a fantastic coach and is going to be a great further addition to the team. Lauren will also be available for PT work for all your aches and pains. We are working towards building a great partnership with her for an in house physical therapist that you can make appointments with any time right here in the gyms!




Strength : Press


Deadlift 225/155

– EMOM perform 5 Box Jumps 24/20, including start of the workout

S: 135/95, 2 Box Jumps
L1: 185/135, 4 Box Jumps
Rx+: 255/185, 30/24



Lift : Snatch
3m AMRAP : 135/95
rest 2m
3m AMRAP: 155/105
rest 2m
3m AMRAP: 185/135

  • Scale to a weight that is heavy but linkable

Accessory : Press

Conditioning : 7m AMRAP
Power Snatch 115/75
– EMOM perform 5 Box Jumps 24/20, scale to be able to have at least 30s of Power Snatch

The Program : Rest Day


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