Competing in Weightlifting : A Coach Bud Joint, and Other Miscellania (Word?)

Here’s more words from Coach Bud Henry.

(Shout out Coach Bud for big help with the Bike deliveries. I couldn’t have spent hours putting them together without him getting them off loaded. Shout out me as well obviously).

Back to Bud. You all know him as an up and coming coach that coaches many of our classes. You might also know that he is growing and learning every day and working to take on the lead roll in our about to be launched Barbell program. Take a few minutes and read this article about competing in the sport of weightlifting and how it relates to other competitive sports, including CrossFit, and how you might enjoy it regardless of your goals and current ability. Read Coach Bud’s article on competing in weightlifting here.


The Lando Barbell Club

Wednesday morning will mark the official launching of the Lando Barbell Club. There will be published pages for each tier of the Barbell Club explaining what each one gives you and how to gain access. This is an exiting new addition to the fitness options at CrossFit Lando. These additions to weightlifting and powerlifting programming, the upcoming Shred and Lean Summer programs, and the Sprint Circuit class starting next week make for a lot of new fun to have.


Murph Day : A Chance to Honor a Hero, and Memorial Day BBQ + Party

Mark your calendars for May 26th. The Hero of all Hero WODs, “Murph”, is going down at CrossFit Lando Charlestown starting at 10:00am. Rx Heat starts immediately, scaled heats start at 10:30am. As usual your coaches will help you with scaling, time cap, and getting your way through this brutal but awesome workout.

If you haven’t done this workout with us before, no better time than now!




Strength : Hang Power Clean and Jerk
– EMOM 12m: 2 reps…done as Hang Power Clean and Jerk + Hang Power Clean and Jerk. Doesn’t have to be unbroken/TnG reps but 2nd rep must have hang position established before beginning Clean.


WOD : 3 Rounds
Run 400m
8 Power Snatch 135/95
12 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

S: 75/55, 12 Jumping Chest to Bar Pull-Ups or Banded CTB Pull-ups
L1: 115/75, 18 Banded Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Rx+: No Single Snatch Reps Count, 6 Bar Muscle Ups for CTB



Lift : Hang Clean and Jerk
E2m for 7 sets, find a max

Accessory: 3 Rounds, work through the list in an EMOM style
x10 Bent Over Row
x10-20s chin over bar hold
x10 Dimmel Deadlift (speed focus)

Conditioning : 3 Rounds
Run 400m
8 Power Snatch, choose a weight that can be at least doubled but difficult up to 165/115
3 Wall Climbs


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. Snatch
E 2m for 16m
1 Rep, starting at 60% and increasing 5% until 95%

  • This is conditioning with heavy-ish loading to the end. Focus on technique each step.

3. Accessory Work: 3 Rounds

  • Work through the list E90s style, focus on quality

x5 Pistols, each leg, perfect and hardest able
x5 Weighted Box Jumps 24/20 up to 30/24. Use Weight Vest.
x10 GHD Hip Extension with 1s hold at extension
x4 Split Squat, each leg, KB @ chest (go light)

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