Congratulations and Thank You!

Operation Lando in Effect at CF Southie

Operation Lando in Effect at CF Southie



Congratulations : We had 9 people compete this weekend at CrossFit Southie and all 9 did an incredible job during what is always a challenging and highly competitive 2 day event. In less than 48 hours these 9 crazy kids did almost as much work from a volume standpoint as we do in 5 days of classes! All 9 deserve a big congratulations for putting in the work and enduring some trying times and achieving some massive successes. 


Special congratulations goes to a few. First, my wife Sarah finished in 5h place overall of more than 70 competitors. She was as high as 2nd place for much of the competition and made the final 8, eventually finishing in her 5th spot only 2 points from a podium placing. Jack also finished in 5th place, making the final WOD in 7th place and putting on a show by winning the final “Survivor” WOD. Lastly Joanna Whalen flirted with top 5 eventually hitting 9th place, mere points from making the final but holding down that top 10 finish. Just unbelievable having 3 athletes finish in the top 10 in such a big time competition.


Thank You: First to those 9 athletes mentioned above. All 9 of you represented the Lando name with unbelievable class. I can’t count how many people, friends and randoms, approached me, Stacey, my Mom, and others associated with the gym and say how impressed they were with how respectful and polite our athletes were, how positive and supportive you were, and how well you performed from a standards and technique standpoint. All are testament to the amount of work you all put in and the respect you have for what we try to teach you. 


Thank you also to the members of our community who came out to support these athletes for one or both days. This was the first event where we have elements from both locations competing and had parts of both communities there creating the new greater Lando community. It was incredibly fulfilling to see you all there enjoying seeing your friends struggle and triumph. You are all amazing people. Thanks to my Mom too.





Core Conditioning (Woburn)


Core : 3 Rounds, each round 2 minutes with 1:00 rest
Hold a forearm plank for 1 minute, then AMRAP:


1) Mountain Climbers
2) Situps
3) Hanging Tucks/KTW/TTB


Conditioning: Half “Jerry”
Run 800m
Row 1000m
Run 800m




Strength : Squat Clean
3-3-3-3-3, all TnG


WOD: “Little Engine that Could”
60 Burpee Box Jumps (full stand) 24/20

– EMOM, perform 6 KB Swings 53/35


S: 35 BBJ, 35/26
L1: 50 BBJ


Rx+ : 70/53


*10 minute time cap


The Program : Southie Showdowners are off. Do not hesitate to take Tuesday off as well. You just did 4/5 of a weeks worth of volume in 2 days. Tuesday can be an AR + Strict BW work day then work W-Sat. Probably best idea. Will advise tomorrow.


1. Strength and WOD Rx+


2a: 4×3 Clean Deadlift with 3 second pause above knee, rest :90
2b: 4×10 Strict TTB, rest :60


3: High Bar Back Squat

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