Donate to a Great Cause : Weightlifter Jean-Baptiste Yanou Ketchanke

Donate to a Great Cause : Weightlifter Jean-Baptiste Yanou Ketchanke

A Roof Over His Head and Bar In His Hand: We ask you all to donate your time and money often. It is so appreciated, and here is another time I specifically am asking but where only a little can mean so much. If everyone donates $10 we can literally change this 24 year old Olympic hopeful’s life.

Jean Baptiste is one of Africa’s best weightlifters. Out of Cameroon, in a more rural outside of Douala (the capital) he has been at the top of the sport in Africa since juniors, winning Africa Junior Championships in 2012. He was invited to the Arnold, the same event (different sport) that our coach Jack just won, but he couldn’t travel for visa issues with Cameroon and the US.

His training situation is not good to say the least. He trains outdoors most days (every day at home). It’s coming up to the rainy season in Cameroon so he would love to build shelter so he can train and can teach the many youth he keeps fit and having fun with his coaching. Some days he doesn’t even have shoes to lift in, using sandals or bare feet. He told me one of the best things that could be donated for him is a regulation men’s bar because he trains almost every day on a women’s bar since it’s all he can get.

We are talking about an Olympic hopeful, and he needs the basics like a roof, shoes, and lifting bars that we have literally 2 locations full of…and usually fully functioning when talking about the rood. Jean Baptiste won both the clean and jerk and snatch as well as the total at both 69 and 77kg at the African Championships. He has won almost everything there is to win in African Weightlifting. Olympics are on the horizon, but he needs better training conditions. Let’s help provide them.

Donate to and learn more about Jean Baptiste Yanou Ketchanke here. 


This Saturday : 18.5 and Party @ Lord Hobo. Come cheer and bet for charity on Lando v. Jack.




Strength : Snatch
EMOM 12m: Max Out with 1 rep each min

WOD : “Isabel”, sort of
15 Power Snatch 135/95
15 Squat Snatch 135/95

S : All Power, 75/55
L1: 75/55 as written


Sweat : TBD


The Program : Off or weakness work ONLY

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