Donations for Jack’s Trip to Vegas : Last Call!!

Donations for Jack’s Trip to Vegas : Last Call!!

As you all know, the J-Man, the Pride of CrossFit Lando Strongpeople, leaves for the Strongman National Championships in less than a week. SO many of you have been incredibly generous in donating to help him make the trek to Las Vegas to compete.

While this event is an incredible honor, it ain’t cheap! Not only is it across the country, but it’s in Las Vegas, right on the strip, which means expensive hotels, food, everything. Add to it the fact that this is a fitness competition which will require a lot of food and supplements for him to perform and we got a nice little 4 day extravaganza on our hands for the J-Man when it comes to expenses.

I am sponsoring one last blitz starting TOMORROW to help bridge the last gaps in Jack’s funding. 50% of funds donated through GoFundMe or straight cash like Randy Moss will be matched by CrossFit Lando. Everyone has their own opinions for things like this, but I feel this is incredible as an opportunity for Jack personally but also to represent our amazing gyms and community as a whole, so he deserves all my/our help we can give him.

Again, so many of you have already been so generous, and we can’t say thank you enough times. All I ask is anyone who hasn’t donated yet think about possibly throwing anything from $1 up to the cause, and if you want to give more than what you originally did as a donor before, this is your chance!

Another GoFundMe page will be set up by tomorrow, and there will be places for $$$$$CASH$$$$$$$ DONATIONs at both locations. Thank you!!!




Strength : Push Press

WOD : 12 Minutes
Row 1300/1100m
100 Double Unders
50 Wall Ball 20/14
AMRAP Deadlift 225/155

S: 135/95
L1: 185/135

Rx+: 315/225



Core Blaster

10 TTB
20 Plank Push-Ups
30 Bicycle Situps
20 Supermans
10 Straight Leg Lift, hands anchored over head

Conditioning : 12 Minutes
Run 1000/800m
100 Double Unders
50 Burpees
AMRAP Wall Ball


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. Power Snatch
E 90s for 6 sets : 3 Reps, increase from 60-80%

3. Clean and Jerk
E90s for 4 Sets : 3 squat Clean and 1 Push Jerk
then E90s for 4 Sets : 1 Power Clean and 3 Split Jerk

4. 4 Rounds
3 Squat Clean Thruster 185/135
6 Muscle Ups
27′ HS Walk
12 Pistols (alt)

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