East Regional, Here Comes Operation Lando!!

Top 10!

Top 10!

So some of you are probably tired of me making all these posts bragging about our people and the CrossFit Games Regionals. OK, you probably aren’t, but I promise this is the last one…this week.

First what exactly am I talking about when I talk about Regionals? So the Reebok CrossFit Games are the top of the mountain of the CrossFit competition season. It has both an individual and team competition of many age groups and is held in Carson, CA in July. 50 or so men and 50 or so women in 4 age groups as well as 30-40 teams qualify to get to the Games through Regionals. Regional qualifiers come from the Open competition that many of you participated in this past few months. This year they combined Regionals to make Super Regionals, combining the Northeast with Canada East and limited the number of qualifying spots.

Yet, as I posted about last week we had 2 superstar ladies in Stacey and Sarah qualify as individuals for the East Regional. We also qualified our team, Operation Lando, and Mike Gray qualified for the next round of competition in his age group. In other words, CrossFit Lando smashed sh*t this Open season!

Introducing CrossFit Lando’s 2015 Regionals Team, “Operation Lando TeamDO”: There are a lot of you out there who worked your tails off every day to improve your fitness and deserve a lot of credit for what you do every day. We have 6 superstars who I consider myself lucky to have been able to coach intimately the past 8 months as we set out to qualify a Regional team for the first time ever in the history of CrossFit Lando. For a team to qualify they have to be in the top 15 in our specific region (Northeast) at the end of the Open competition. As you see above our team finished in 11th place. Absolutely amazing. The 6 that make up our team are Tim “T-Bone” Bryant, Jack “J-Man” Martin, Rob “Doc” Tomlinson, Joanna Whalen, Stacey Kroon, and Sarah Landes. All 6 of them carried the team in one way or another, whether it be rising above their weaknesses to grab a great score in a difficult WOD or working through the rigors of an intense training schedule combined with the rest of the difficulties that real life brings to competitive CrossFitters. These 6 deserve a big congratulations for their hard work through the entire season and for being part of the first ever CrossFit Lando Regional Team.


Special Thanks : I want to take this moment to personally thank all 6 of these athletes as they dedicated a great deal of time and effort to what essentially was my master plan and small dream that I hatched 3 years ago when Stacey and I got this gym started. They tirelessly worked with whatever I threw at them every single day and they came out better athletes, teammates, and people after all was said and done. I want to also say one last special piece of recognition and thanks to Stacey and Sarah as they both sacrificed their chance as individuals to compete as part of the team for this gym, truly exemplifying that no individuals are greater than a team.

They say it takes a village to accomplish greatness and that is certainly true of this team and this gym. I know I won’t cover everybody that deserves a special thank you but I want to say thanks to Kyle Hicks, Chris Collins, Brian Strang, Lauren D, and Stacy Doyle for helping out as judges, video crew, body work, and other special support all throughout the Open while competing themselves.

Finally, thank you to all of you, our community here at CrossFit Lando. This is truly a special place and it is 100% because of the people that make it a community. Thank you to all of you who participated in the Open, for understanding the schedule changes and shuffling of coaches and classes, and otherwise being awesome people to work with and compete with the entire time.

Now it is on to Regionals where the team and gym are going to continue to need your help and support. I will be posting about fundraising efforts we are putting together to help feed and lodge this team down in Hartford for the weekend. We are only a month away so get excited!!



1. Strength : Clean


2. WOD : 20 Rounds
1 Pistols (each leg)
10 Double Unders
5 Burpees

S: 5 Air Squats, 20 Singles, 3 Burpees
L1: Scaled pistols, 5 Double Unders

No Rx+


The Program

1 and 2 as above

3. 3m AMRAP : Weighted Step Ups 24/20, (alternating legs) 35/26 KB at chest, immediately into 3m AMRAP Box Jumps 30/24

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