Easter Sunday : Closed for Business

Easter Sunday : Closed for Business

We have a short break from the J-Man blog as we are not open tomorrow, but it will be a short break, DON’T WORRY!!!

Still some food for thought coming from Lando per usual, and what I want to discuss is what happened to all of us this past week following 18.5. Judging from informal polls of all of you the last few days I gather, like me, 18.5 put you all in a bad, bad place after the fact, and more so than a 7 minute AMRAP should. What we all experienced was the peak or end of a high stress training period, with that peak being a very high stress workout in 18.5 due to it’s movements, the way it was released, and that it was the end of the Open.

If you are reading this and did 18.5 you probably still have trouble straightening your arms. I still feel soreness in my arms, and was crippled until Wednesday of this week. Why did a 7 minute AMRAP cripple all of us? For me, I did more pull-ups in my showdown with Jack than all of 2018 up to this point, so that was something. But many of you had handled the Open like champs and were in peak physical condition, yet found yourselves crushed after 7 minutes.

The reason is all about recovery and all parts of 18.5, pre, during, and post can help explain why and how recovery works and is so important.

First and foremost, let’s be honest, most of us if not all of us who were the most sore were those who spent 2-3 hours post 18.5 drinking Lord Hobo beers and eating Dominoes pizza. When Stacey and I usually religiously go protein and some carbs immediately after training with the proper meal within 2 hours after that, we guzzled beers and smashed pizza with the rest of you. This is why even Stacey was tired and beat down more than she can ever remember (though still wasn’t sore because she’s a freak). What you do in the 0-45 minutes after working out is more important that I can ever explain. Not only does it repair the used muscle and other tissue from your training, but it keeps/spikes your metabolism which is the very thing that burns fat and repairs tissue, the thing we want from training in the first place.

Another reason we were all so beat up, and this is where I stop saying “we”, is the Open is a 5 week long, arduous mental and physical beat down much like doing “Fran” every weekend. Neil deGrasse Tyson I ain’t but I’ll make this simple. When performing a high stress workout, something like the Open or a Friday Lando “Fran” throwdown, every rep is like a rep x2, x5, or even x10. Add a lack of sleep here or there (like every Thursday night after you realize you still can’t do double unders), a night or two out with friends trying to convince them you still have a life outside of CrossFit despite your counting down the minutes past your ability to sleep enough to get to your morning WOD, and you have a recipe for 18.5 being a recipe for DEATH.

Or, in reality, it’s the culmination of 5 stressful weeks where we try our best to make our lives work like a competitive CrossFit athlete and week 5 is always about when we have had enough. Pizza and beer or not, the high stress nature of the Open reaches it’s peak with .5 every time, and no amount of recovering properly can lead to us not being crippled afterwards.

What do you do in the future, for future Opens or a competition or two you have this summer? Move. No matter what, move. Thinks like a Compex, massage, or other types of PT help, but the cheap version aka a foam roller is also a way you can help your muscles and body overall get over the beat down you just got.

However, what is super important is understanding that a lot of this is mental, and therefore you need a real break. Either total, step away for a few days break, or just give yourself a week or more taking your WOD life a little less seriously. This is not just so you don’t stab me in the throat next time you see the word “double under” on the white board, but also because you need to let your brain hormonally get back to top notch.

I like to use the metaphor of a car that is nearly out of gas and you keep putting $5 into it. What happens? You keep having to fill it up with that $5 every day, but it’s never ready for that full drive you need it to go on. Taking a break allows you to refill that gas tank in your brain and really get the endorphins going that get you to top notch recovery wise which for many reasons leads to top notch performance wise.

Bottom line: You weren’t alone in bad recovery this week, and the reason you weren’t is important beyond what you may even know!


Feeling charitable? Why not? It’s Easter!! Donate to help Jean-Claude reach his Olympic dream. Donate now, donate early, donate often! Happy Easter!

PS About JB: I am sending the first check to him next week. Money needs to be sent in installments to not raise flags and cause issues with the always agreeable, transparent, and fun to work with government of Cameroon. 



To those of you who celebrate this holiday: Happy Easter!
To all : Enjoy the time off of the gym and we look forward to seeing you all next week!


Holy Fitness!

Take a look at our home workouts right here, or this workout below if you have a home gym or access to another gym/equipment. Get some fitness in at home or on the road, wherever you might be, while we are closed:


Easter Sunday WOD

– This is in no way shape or form representing a view or belief of CrossFit Lando as a company or the people that work for it. It’s just fun. FUN.

WOD : 18 Minutes Running Clock
6 minute Max Effort Forearm Plank Hold
– Accumulate hold with fewest rest penalties able throughout the 6 minutes. Every time you rest you must stand completely up and perform 3 air squats with jump off floor.

After the 6 minutes then you have 12 minutes to complete AMRAP style

2 Squat Snatch @ 80% BW (scale to 60% for S or 70% for L1)
3 Walking Lunges, each leg  and with barbell in Front Rack position
33 Double Unders
7 Bar Muscle Ups….CTB Pull-ups/Regular pull-ups or Jumping Pull-ups as various scales


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