Every Day Max Out

Coach Kroon hit a 200# Split Jerk last Friday. This is 25# up from just 3 months ago when her PR was 175#. Way to go Stacey!



Cubbies and Lost and Found:

At CrossFit Lando we want to provide you with the best fitness facility around. A clean, comfortable space is integral to our community. You are more than welcome to hang your coats up on the coat racks and put your boots/shoes in the holders in the main hallways, as well as place your personal belongings in the cubbies by the lounge area. However, please do your best to keep track of your things and take them home with you each day.

During off hours, empty cubbies are good cubbies, and good cubbies make Lando happy

We understand that people can be forgetful especially if trying to rush out for work or other engagements post WOD. Stacey and myself make the rounds a few times each day to gather up any stuff that has been left behind and put it in the Lost and Found bin by the mobility area and speaker in front of the desk. If you left it behind chances are it is in there! Keep in mind, however, that we clear the bin out when things accumulate beyond a week or so.

Lost and Found


Skill: Pullups

STRENGTH: Split Jerk
Find a 1rm in at least 5 sets

8 Minute AMRAP, escalating ladder starting at “1”
STOH (Shoulder to Overhead) 165/110

*workout starts with 1 pullup then 1 STOH. Then 2 pullups, 2 STOH. Then 3 pullups, 3 STOH. And so on for 8 minutes. Your score is total round (rep round) completed plus any additional reps in the next round. So, if you get through the 5 pullups and 5 STOH then get 4 pullups into the round of 6, your score is 5+6.

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