What makes Lando different than other gyms? 

  • Awarded “Best in Boston” from Boston Magazine, 2015-2016:  This means our staff has experience and education next to none in the industry, giving you the technical coaching, inspiration, emotional support, and lifestyle advice needed to reach goals you might never have thought attainable.
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  • Ability to Combine Programs : We offer CrossFit, BootCamp, and Weightlifting programs you can combine to create your personal fitness journey. Whether you want to tailor it to your needs, or calendar/seasonal expectations, or even sport specific goals, you can get your fitness how you want it.
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What is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

CrossFit, SWEAT, or STRONG? How do I know which program is best for me?

  • CrossFit classes use barbell and weightlifting movements, bodyweight gymnastics, and sprint and endurance exercises for strength, power, and stamina. Whether training for the CrossFit Games or striving to be in the best shape of your life, we offer a flexible CrossFit training program. No experience with CrossFit needed and beginners are encouraged to just start right out with CrossFit. Like any fitness or athletic program, people with experience or a general understanding of some of the movements and structure of the classes will generally have more comfort starting out.
  • SWEAT classes focus on core strength and conditioning with no barbells, limited weighted movements, and higher repetition sets for toning, flexibility, and balance. SWEAT is a different intensity than CrossFit, with less focus on total strength, but still achieves amazing results. Great for absolute beginners to fitness programs in general, people with limitations on mobility with weighted equipment, or experienced CrossFit/fitness enthusiasts looking for a change up to their regular routine here and there.
  • STRONG classes focus more on barbell movements, especially the olympic lifts clean and jerk, and snatch. These classes will be more similar to CrossFit than SWEAT, but like those two follows the HIIT model giving you 60 minutes of near non-stop intensity. All experience and fitness levels can see great results from STRONG classes and scaling allows for all levels to participate at their ability level. Having knowledge and experience of the olympic lifts will help with comfort but absolutely not required!
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How do I become a member and how much does it cost? 

  • Intro Class: Membership starts after your free intro class. We require signing up for the intro class which can be arranged by contacting us here. In order to check the schedule click here.
  • Recurring Monthly Membership: We have a number of pricing choices that you can learn more about here. Monthly memberships are billed on a recurring basis and are valued based on how many days per week you want to attend classes.
  • Class Packs : Purchased as a group of classes that can be used at your leisure. This is perfect for people who travel often or otherwise need the ability to vary their schedule. See our class pack options and pricing here.

When are the gyms open? How many classes should I take. 

  • Each gym offers multiple programs every day: See the schedule for Charlestown create your fitness journey today. We are open Monday through Friday from 5am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  • The number of classes depends on your fitness goals: Just like choosing what type of class you take, your attendance should be dictated by what you want from your fitness. Your fitness program should include at least 4 classes per week.

What kind of amenities are available at the CrossFit Lando locations?

  • Amenities: Our location has full service locker rooms, changing facilities, and showers with towel service options. We have over 5,000 square feet of workout space with ample free parking. The gym is complete with a member lounge with a supplement and merchandise store.