Fit and Fabulous Nutrition Program

The Fit and Fabulous Nutrition Program is CrossFit Lando Charlestown's proprietary nutrition and lifestyle consulting program. Participants go through 8 weeks completely designed to your specific needs and goals. Each cycle is limited to around 10 participants, guaranteeing individualized attention. The perks of Fit and Fabulous are:

  • 45 Minute Introductory Consult- Learn how to eat, when to eat, and establish goals for your body and fitness.
  • Motivation and Accountability: Ongoing throughout the entirety of the program, you will have email and occasional phone access to your coach for any questions and needs. Check ins are a weekly participation requirement!
  • After 8 Weeks You Are Just Beginning: The goal is after 8 weeks you will have transformed not just your body but also your mind and entire lifestyle. You will have learned how to eat for you, what you require for your goals, and how to continue successfully with or without a coach. You will be able to handle whatever life throws at you!

Participation is limited so sign up below for more information. Members of CrossFit Lando Charlestown and Non-Members are welcome!

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