Football Found for HS Athletes




As we know, CrossFit is an all encompassing fitness program that builds strength, endurance, and coordination in a dynamic, explosive manner. Whether it be for a retired teacher, practicing lawyer, professional athlete, or college student, CrossFit can bring anyone to their peak fitness and for a sustained period of time.


This is especially true for High School athletes in sports like Football that require a lot of dynamic, explosive strength. Movements like the olympic lifts (clean especially) teach coordination and explosiveness by moving the bar with potentially a lot of weight very, very quickly. Any athlete especially a football player will need this kind of strength during their off-season to improve their ability, whether it be for their high school team or if they have aspirations beyond into the college game.


If a high schooler wants to play at the next level, sadly fitness and ability is only half the battle. Getting found is another story. In my years as a college baseball coach I dealt with recruiting and it isn’t a fun process for some. It can be confusing at best and catastrophic at worst. This is where websites like Football Found can be incredibly useful in guiding athletes and parents through the process and helping them gain exposure to many coaches around the country. In turn it is a great place for coaches like I was (different sport, same process) to find a lot of players in one spot. Check out and learn more about the whole process.