Friday 11.16 : Holiday Party December 21st

Friday 11.16 : Holiday Party December 21st

Save the Date : We are 90% on booking our first ever Holiday Cocktail Party. It will be cocktail attire, full on dance floor happening, bar open well into the night (aka midnight) kind of affair. Rumors of open bar and karaoke are swirling as well as corn hole and canjam too.


Note on Scaling

Love the quote from today’s picture. So very true, and very relevant to something we deal with every day here at CrossFit Lando in Charlestown and Woburn. I am referring to scaling.

Hopefully you all know that you can and should scale when needed. This goes for any workout, any day, any situation. Scaling is not cheating or copping out. Scaling is simply making the workout a reasonable level relative to your current fitness level. Your current fitness level can be because of overall fitness, or altered due to injury, or limited by the specific movements in a workout.

What is Fitness?
The #1 goal and reason for doing what we do at CrossFit Lando is to get more fit. Fitness comes from intensity. Intensity is the level of work you do. This can be manipulated by weight/difficulty of movement, range of motion, the movements in general, and of course your effort put forth. The greater the intensity the more fitness you receive from that workout. It’s the process of adaptation. Giving your body a stimulus to respond to, and responding with the greatest intensity possible, leads to a high level of adaptation which = fitness.

Over time doing things at a high intensity will give your body something it feels it needs to be “ready” for as the stimulus you give it is challenging. This is you building muscle, burning fat, getting stronger bones/joints, even increasing brain cell function. Obviously we know a great thing about our functional workouts is the intensity almost brings itself, but we can always add to it a number of ways.

Scaling = Bad?

Scaling can, however, be bad. I know, I know, I just said it’s always acceptable and it is. Still, over time as we are more aware of our ability and performance scaling can become a crutch for even the fittest of people. This is when scaling is very much so on you and you only. It happens to us all. We are cruising along in our training until one day that perfect movement combination comes up, that one that trips you up every time. It’s one thing if you literally cannot do the movement or lift the weight. However just because it is “hard” doesn’t make it a candidate to be scaled. In fact *shocker* this is supposed to be hard, right?!

Getting fit takes effort. Just like cleaning up your nutrition takes some time and effort. The thing is you all can do it. You do intense workouts every day, crazy intense compared to what most people do for fitness. Every day you accomplish great things, but sometimes the greatest accomplishments aren’t the top of the list, leader of the pack finishes. Sometimes grinding through a brutal workout or movement sequence is truly great, and will help your fitness even more to boot.

Conquering the Impossible Task

Like I said at the top, scaling is a good, necessary part of our training. It is for the situations where the workout is literally impossible for you to complete or complete in a reasonable time. We try to help you make these decisions with time caps and round goals, so use these to approximate your ability to do the workout at a certain level.

Often times what we see as an impossible task is something that is just hard at the time. This happens often mid workout, already smoked as we face that dreaded movement combination. Our minds immediately go towards accepting defeat, knowing nobody will criticize our decision if we claim it to be made in the name of scaling appropriately. Unfortunately every time that happens we are missing an opportunity to get better, get more fit, and most importantly prove to ourselves that we can in fact do something impossible.

It’s In YOU

Be careful of selling yourself short. Think back to your first ever time here, or first time in a CrossFit gym if it wasn’t Lando. Remember all the things you knew were impossible for you back then? Now think through the list of your beginner impossible tasks and cross off all those that are no longer so. How did you get here? You got here by facing these impossible tasks and just going at it. See the thing with scaling is there is truly no shame in it. But only you know whether your reason is valid and necessary. We all know at the end of the day what really makes what we do here so great is how it builds us mentally, makes us stronger inside, and how that helps us face every day in all of life.

That is all. Go get it this Friday!!




Strength : Overhead Squat


WOD : Open WOD 11.4
10 Minute AMRAP
60 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Overhead Squat 120/90
10 Muscle Ups*

*Focus on today’s post when deciding on this part of the workout if you are Rxing the rest. Back in 2011 there were many people who’s scores were between 90-100 even having 3-4 minutes left after the OHS. Don’t cut reps out on the MU. Only scale to another movement if you cannot do 1 (haven’t ever done a MU) or struggle with them in WODs and fail more than 5 attempts.

S: 30 BFB, 30 Front Squat 75/55 or OHS, 30 Jumping Pull-ups + 20 Scaled Push-ups
L1: 50 BFB, 30 OHS 95/65, 30 Pull-ups

Rx+: If you have done this WOD as Rx 2x+ then try 135/95


Core Work : 3 Rounds
15 Toe Touches
15 Leg Lower and Raise
15 Hollow Rocks
30 Russian Twists, 15/15
15 Wall Ball
15 Lunge + Press (alt)
15 Hollow Hold Scissor Kicks

After 3rd round perform 30 Burpees AFAP

Conditioning: Double WOD
30 Box Jumps/step up over
30 KB Sumo DL High Pull 53/35

rest 4 minutes

9 Cal AB Sprint
27 Double Unders
18 Situps
3 Wall Climbs



1. Strength and WOD

2. 4 Rounds
Row 400m
3 Rope Climbs
rest 1:00
15 GHD Hip Extensions
15 Weighted Situps, 35/25 DB at chest
30′ HS Walk or 15 Stirct HSPU
rest 1:00

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