Friday 12.14: Toys are Collected on MONDAY

Friday 12.14: Toys are Collected on MONDAY

One toy from each member would make over 400 children be able to open a present on Christmas.

Just please think about that for ONE second. One toy in the next 3-4 days is all you need to do!!





Strength: Overhead Squat
Find a 1 rep max in 15-20 minutes


WOD: 2 Rounds for MAX REPS, each element 60s, flow like Fight Gone Bad

Front Squat 135/95
Toes to Bar
Lateral Burpees over Bar
Squat Clean
– Rest 1:30
Overhead Squat
Toes to Bar
Bar Facing Burpees
Squat Snatch
– Rest 1:30

S: 75/55, Weighted Situps for TTB
L1: 105/75, 25 Scaled TTB

Rx+: 155/105



Core Work
20 Barbell Rollouts
60 Russian Twists (30/30)
100 Situps
30 Seated Press
20 MB Rollouts

Conditioning: 2 Rounds
25 Cal AB
Run 400m
25 Cal Row
Run 400m
40 Goblet Squat 53/25


The Program

1. Strength and WOD

2. EMOM 15m : 1 Heavy Clean and Jerk

3. Push Press 5-5-5-5

4. 30 Bar Muscle Ups for Time

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