Friday 3.20 : “Jerry”, Gym or at Home

Coronavirus quarantine getting boring? Check out the hottest podcast in the game back with another episode where we discuss the virus, our thoughts on this subject, and a history of yours truly, Aaron “Lando” Landes. Check it out and all the other episodes we have. We talk about fitness, life, rap music, current events, and all kinds of other things I know you will find interesting. At least it’s a chance to learn about your loved coach Stacey (and maybe me, Lando, as well).

Check out the podcast here!

We continue on keeping on here in Charlestown while trying to stay safe in this uncertain world. As we have throughout this week we are open for business with certain limitations intended to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. I mean that’s the whole purpose of having a health and wellness focused business in the first place, right?

With all that said we understand if you aren’t able to make it in to the gym time to time. While everyone has a lot of time on their hands being stuck at home, work or not, with children and just concerns over what is going on we get it that coming into the gym may not work.

So we are going to start doing our best to bring the workouts to you. You will see in a workout like today’s that home scaling is very easy. Other days it might be more difficult, but we got you.

Check back each day whether you plan on making it into the gym or not to see what we got cooking for you on the Youtubes.

Stay positive. That is all I ask of you all. Just stay positive. You will make it through this, we all will. Hopefully we can help you as much as we can.

(I know I screwed up and filmed this up and down and therefore it has a massive border both sides and I hate myself for it. It truly am sorry and should be pushed out a 3 story window as punishment just high enough to maim me but not kill me but so I learn my lesson).


WOD: “Jerry”
Run 1 Mile
Row 2000m
Run 1 Mile

S: Run 800m, Row 1000m, Run 800m
L1: Run 1200m, Row 1500m, Run 1200m

Sweat : 5pm come in for 45 minutes of non stop action

The Program
1. Strength and WOD

2. 10m AMRAP
2 Squat Snatch, heaviest able TnG
Down and Back KB Front Rack Carry, each hand, 70/53
5 Burpee + Pull-up

3. 3 Rounds
1m ME Barbell GHD Row
1m ME GHD Situp Ext. Hold
1m ME Weighted ABmat Situps
– Rest 1m