Friday 4.26: Sending a Raven

I know many people feel the same as me with this but I want to share anyways.

This whole sequence makes me aroused in ways only intimate human contact should.

I mean think of it all. They’re all in the shit and on a split notice Gendry is told to just start huffing it miles and miles, alone, with no weapons, to basically save the rest of them and therefore the world. And he does it, and does it like a boss.

My motto is going to start being to be as prepared to kick ass in all facets as life as Gendry was to run back to Eastwatch and save the world.

I want to really think about this for a second. Think of the matter at hand as he made the choice, or the choice more made for him, to go on this quest.

He’s with his fighting buddies quite literally searching/fighting to survive against a fighting horde of zombie like creatures who are pretty much known to them at the time to be hell bent on eliminating them and the entire human race. They get stuck in a real shit situation, one where they are soon to be outnumbered by said horde of zombies by about 100,000 to 1. While no one can imagine what it’s like to feel in this situation, I no doubt think it would feel a slight bit better to stay with your fellow fighting squad as even in the face of imminent defeat we cannot help as humans to feel we still have a chance.

Yet here, in this moment, Gendry is forced due to his prowess as a runner to go. Alone. In the arctic like cold. Through wilderness he has no idea whether it is filled with more beings trying to murder his living self. With little more than a moment of doubt Gendry just heads off. The only other stop he makes is when the one thing that might bring him comfort when he is really, truly alone out there – his weapon – is taken from him to make him ultimately fast. So, he is not only alone from a humanity standpoint but he is literally left to run his ass off, which his speed ultimately the only thing that can save him, without a weapon to possibly save him should the situation arise.

And he does it. He does it amazingly. Like a boss, as the kids would say. Literally runs until his face is frozen off in a pile of ice.

That is preparation!

It’s cliche to say CrossFit prepares us for the unknown and unknowable. Just because we do 5×5 squats every Saturday does NOT mean we can outrun the dead horde to save humanity by getting word for a raven to be sent for our soon to be lover and always has been auntie. But what isn’t cliche is preparing for the unknown every day of your life with your mentality. We never know exactly what life is going to throw at us, even when we do. What we can do is prepare ourselves by putting our own mind into a mindset that is ready for whatever it needs to be ready for. We control how we react to the world around us from the moment we open our eyes. Bad weather can be bad weather or just a day that isn’t as awesome as it can be. A glass of water half full can be that or half empty, but half full is closer to full anyways and that is a hell of a lot better than empty. Being late and missing the bus sucks for being on time for work, or it can be a lesson learned to never be late again.

Think about it. If Gendry was just slogging along like a little bitch, complaining to himself about how cold he was, how mean his boss Jon was for making him work on a weekend, how much the White Walkers were pricks for chasing them around in such cold weather and wanting to eat their hearts and souls and then force him to walk around for eternity like the idiots they are listening to a stupid, eternally frozen guy who got that way by being stabbed in the heart by something called the Children of the Forest, you think he would be able to huff it all the way to Eastwatch like he did? Nope. While we aren’t in his head at the time I bet you Gendry is thinking about how sick it is that his leg days make it so he can slog up a hill in freezing weather dressed like a Viking clown and not feel any lactic burn for at least an hour at a time. The only negative thoughts he has is probably where his proper protein intake is going to come from in a place like this.

In a way it’s the same as mentally preparing for your day at CrossFit Lando. In a way you can say we are preparing you for this unknown of life and how to dominate it like Gendry. Every day you come in here you are giving yourself to something you don’t know what is to be. Even if you check the workout ahead of time you have no idea what coach is leading the class, or what they have in store as a warmup or even what their mood is. You can look at what you face as either the worst 60 minutes of your life to come, or a chance to get more fit and more prepared to save the world. So I guess you can say we are preparing you to perform Gendry like heroics every day of your lives. So even more so I guess you can say I am Jon Snow.


Strength: Power Snatch + OHS
E75s for 8 Sets, 1 power snatch + 5 Overhead Squat

WOD: 21-15-9-15-21
Thrusters 95/65

S: 75/55, Jumping Pull-ups
L1: 75/55, Banded Pull-ups
Rx+: CTB Pull-ups

Core: 15m AMRAP
30s Forearm Plank
5 Burpees AFAP
rest 10s
30s Hollow Rocks
5 Toes to Bar or Best Scale
rest 10s

Conditioning: 15m AMRAP
21 Jumping Pull-ups
15 Goblet Squat w/KB
9 KB Swing, OH
3 Box Jumps, highest able

The Program
1. Strength and WOD

2. EOM for 10 Rounds
10 OH Lunges, 155/105
5 Squat Clean
5 Muscle Ups

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