Protein Is Your Friend (And a MUST)



Something I hear around the gym a lot is complaints or arguments about taking protein supplements. This is not good. Here is why.

First of all I will admit that I understand some reservations about mixing some flavored powder in water and gulping it down quickly and being forced to believe it is somehow good for you. Even the best protein in the world tastes marginally good. So I am not here to talk like some brainwashed door to door salesman throwing beaded necklaces at you trying to pay for college. For many of you this whole concept was foreign and I totally understand.

So it isn’t foreign anymore. Time to accept and apply, because protein supplementation is one of if not the most important thing you put in your body.

Let’s take a more real life example to illustrate why. Think about how hard you work in life, mainly at your job. You break your back day in and day out to make money. So let’s say you start a savings account. That savings account takes 20% of your income. You never touch it. NEVER. All year. You never touch all that hard earned money because you know having a savings is important. Maybe it’s a future college fund for a kid. Maybe an emergency fund for when your card dies. Maybe a ring for your girlfriend, or the extra special wedding dress for your wedding. You put in extra hours at work, tons of overtime, miss out on nights out with family and friends because you take weekend shifts. I’m talking HARD work here.

Then on a whim you decide to empty your savings account because you don’t like Bank of America’s colors in their logo and decide to spend all the money you saved for years on paying for an extra episode of the Bachelor for next season. One extra episode in a bid that you win which gives you and other Bachelor fans one measly episode more and that money you spent on it doesn’t go to anyone but Justin Bieber for the world’s most expensive tattoo.

This is ridiculous, but if you don’t take post workout protein it’s basically the same thing. I know sometimes when talking about this kind of stuff I get a little to science lab on you all so I’ll save it for another time. The basics are that you have a window of 30-45 minutes after you workout to replace the “energy” stores in your blood and muscles that was used during your time of exercise. This has to be replaced by protein and a small amount of carbohydrate (yes you post WOD carb junkies, a small amount. Not an entire banana but a bite of one). If this does not happen within the 30-45 minutes then your body goes into a state where it shuts down it’s rebuilding process almost like it is in starvation mode. So all the hard work you put in literally goes to waste. Worse yet your body will start using parts of itself for energy. Good for the rest of the day, not good for post workout when we need to be building.

Some people are believers in eating your protein instead but this is only acceptable if you absolutely have to because of allergies or other health reasons. It’s all about the timing. Considering even shredded chicken takes AT LEAST 30 minutes to digest, and AT LEAST an additional 15 minutes for the nutrients to be spread through your body, and AT LEAST another 5-10 minutes for those to be absorbed, liquid protein supplements are the most practical post WOD protein to take. Eating is simply too long. Even if you literally sucked down a blended grilled chicken 5 minutes after peeling yourself off the floor post WOD it wouldn’t be soon enough once the protein is absorbed. The real science behind this is if you take more than 30-45 minutes to get protein into your system your body goes into what is called a catabolic state when your body starts feeding off it’s own muscle tissue for energy in place of this needed protein and carbohydrate. What happens then? Your body composition turns into less muscle and more fat. Not something we want no matter what our goals are.

For those of you with concerns about whey because you consider it dairy, whey is a by product of the production of some dairy products. So the “dairy-ness” of it is very, very minimal. So those of you with issues you think are associated with taking whey (even lactose/dairy intolerances) I think need to look at the other aspects of your diet. Harsh to some I know but these are truths we all must accept. If you absolutely cannot stand to take whey protein then please come to us for help. There are other instant protein supplement options beyond just “eat when you get home” options that you should consider.

Or it’s just time to suck it up and face the facts that you work too hard to let something like a mixed 12 oz cup of liquid being drank or not ruin your gains.



Core Conditioning : 9:15a-10:00a

Core Work: Work straight down through the list
1. 50 standing side crunches holding KB (each arm)
2. 10 Strict TTB/Leg Raises
3. 60 second hollow hold (accumulated)
4. 30 Windshield Wiper
5. 25 Getup 45/35 (see video below)

WOD: 4 Rounds
Row 500m
30 KB Swings 53/35
30 Jumping Pull-ups


1. Strength: Thruster

2. WOD (Kickstarter Test #2): 12m AMRAP
9 Thruster 95/65
1 Rope Climb, 15′



1. Strength: Thruster

2. WOD: 12m AMRAP
9 Thruster 95/65
1 Rope Climb, 15′

3. SkWAT Team: 3×20 GHD Situps, AFAP



1. Warmup quickly then:

3×30 Pull-Ups, rest :30 between sets

then finish class warmup with class. DO NOT take more than 10 minutes start to finish on this. You should be with the class going over Thrusters if not before.

2. Strength: Thruster

3. WOD: 12m AMRAP
9 Thruster 95/65
1 Legless Rope Climb, 12′

4. EMOM 10m
O: HS Walk 30′ (15′ down and back with turn on hands)
E: 20 GHD Situps

5. 50 Strict HSPU



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