Friday Baby





We have a lot of athletes from the Lando community competing at the Southie Showdown this weekend at CrossFit Southie. If you are around come on down and check it out. It’s a great competition over 2 days that has a lot of action, a lot of vendors, and a chance to see your fellow Landos in action!


The schedule for the weekend will be close to normal. Woburn will have NO Early Crew and only a 10am class, NO 12pm as Jack is competing. CP will have normal Saturday.





Core Conditioning (Woburn)


Core : 10m AMRAP
10 Plank Ups (forearm to straight arm)
20s forearm plank
20s straight arm plank
10 Lemons

WOD : For Time
Row 1000m
50 Situps
50 Push-ups
30 Situps
30 Ring Dips
Row 500m





Strength : Clean
Find a 1 rep max Clean


WOD : “Elizabeth”

Power Clean 135/95
Ring Dips


L1: 95/65

No Rx+



The Program


Southie Showdowners if you want to work day before and rested Thursday do the WOD from yesterday and shorten the EMOM in half. Do not work Friday if you did Thursday as well. 2 good hard days ahead. I will have strategy for WODs done tomorrow and email anyone competing, just email me to confirm you are so I can get you on the list.


1. Strength and WOD only

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