Friday Night Canal Park Closed




Due to circumstances out of our control, a function of building maintenance having to be done and this being the option to disrupt business the least, Canal Park will be closed for evening classes on Friday, June 24th. This is a temporary, this day only situation and we will be back up and running for Saturday morning as usual.


To make up for the loss of 2 classes I will be programming a workout that allows for larger numbers with no issues and raising the class cap on each class to 20 people. We will also be staffing the busier classes with more coaches.


Thank you for understanding as this is completely out of control. My other options were mid day or morning that would close 3 or more classes.


Stay tuned for the new schedule announcement. We are limiting the changes to just the evening classes but it is allowing for additional Open Gym at both locations and BootCamp every day at both locations. Formal announcement tomorrow!





BootCamp Sprint : CrossFit WOD





Strength : Front Squat



WOD : 21-18-15-9

Wall Ball 20/14
Broad Jumps, 4/2′


S/L1: Scale height/weight of WB


The Program : Full Off Day