Friday Workout Posts 9pm for Next 5 Weeks. Also Announcing Second Annual Lando Inter Community Open BloodBath Competition Draft Tomorrow

The 2018 CrossFit Games Open starts tonight at 8:00pm with the official announcement of “18.1”. It’s a fun watch as they do it with 2 “celebrity” CrossFit athletes going head to head at a box from around the world.

The way the Open works with the secrecy and sudden announcement makes my job a touch harder but nothing we can’t endure. With the announcement Thursday night, I wait until then to program Friday’s workout since we as a community do the Open WOD on Saturday. As the Open goes I get a bit more leniency as we know what movements CAN’T come up due to what has already happened.

To remind us all on the basics…

Saturdays will still have a morning Sweat class at both locations. Times might change due to the Open workout length and when that all goes down. There is no 10:00am CrossFit class as it is replaced by the community Open throwdown. Those doing the workout should arrive at the location it is held at (announced Thursday night after the HQ announcement) anytime 40 minutes before we start on to reserve a heat time and warmup. We will do a group warmup before we start the heats for the WOD.

Anyone not doing the Open “officially” but planning on doing the workout on Saturday anyways. I don’t even want to get into why this is dumb. If you don’t like seeing your ranking so low in the world, then don’t check it. Plus, if you do it officially you get to be part of the 2nd Annual CrossFit Lando Open BloodBath that saw my team unfairly get beat by some cheating group last year. Teams are being drawn tomorrow so get yourself signed up and get ready to go!

Check back at 9pm for Friday’s programming.