Go Coach Kroon!

Coach Kroon

CrossFit New England in Natick, MA held a competition this past weekend that was geared for serious CrossFit competitors. There were a number of athletes there on both the male and female sides who had competed at the CrossFit Games and Regionals in previous years. It was a great event put on by the people at CFNE who always do a heck of a job when hosting competitions.

There were 5 women there who had competed at the CrossFit Games in pervious years and a dozen or so other really impressive female athletes. Coach Kroon went out there and kicked some butt. The workouts were all pretty brutal, difficulty coming from both high skill and heavy weight. Stacey came in 4th place overall, mere points out of 3rd and 2nd place, and won one of the 5 events outright. As her coach I was incredibly proud of her beyond just her overall finish. She hit personal records (PRs) for the Clean and Jerk (an awesome 195#) and the Clean (an even more amazing 200#).

Once you all get to know Stacey you will understand that while the rest of us are incredibly impressed with this, Stacey is not satisfied with anything but the best. It was a great test to see where these athletes were at and all of the men and women impressed. Stacey did great and knows even more now about what she needs to do to get back to the CrossFit Games in 2013.

Go Stacey!

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